A hiatus is cool. I’ve been taking a break from blogging lately because I’ve been working on other projects. Classes have begun and things are looking up. Of course, things always tend to look good when a new semester starts. I have a chance to stop being lazy and work on junk.

This weekend I was home for the Bears game and it was more fun than it should have been considering the end result. I went with Will and some other guys and it was just nice to yell a lot and talk to ugly men in huge winter coats. It’s funny how there are much fewer attractive women at playoff games. When your team has an 8 year playoff drought you tend to leave your dates at home and bring your drinking buddies. I stayed until the end of the game because there was no guarantee the Bears would lose, even if they were down 16 with 4 minutes left. I’m glad I did.

This week will consist of settling in, a visit from my cousin and uncle, more football and good times with a old/new acquaintance. Look forward to more frequent blogging now that I have homework to avoid.