Holiday cheer. I just got back from kara’s holiday party followed by a trip to the Pub. It was a damn good time. The holiday party was an eclectic mix of people and music, which is just what the doctor ordered for tonight. The Pub was hillarious. Bacardi was having some kind of promotional event and there were half nekkid women in red nylon daisy dukes. That alone is somewhat amusing because they travel around with this Bacardi crew turning on men all around the country. I mean, it’s their job to let men hit on them and fain interest. I guess that’s really what was amusing—watching these dudes get temporary tattoos from these girls even though no one in their right mind would wear a bacardi temporary tattoo. Aside from the women, people were getting all kind of free hats, t-shirts and bags (i.e. shwag). This sh*t is dumb because when you’re drunk it might sound like a good idea but when you wake up with two bacardi t-shirts, a bacardi bandana and a bacardi bag you will quickly drop that in the garbage.

Enough ranting. If you really want to read about sex etc., go to this article about a Northwestern study that looks into what turns on men and women. Pretty interesting (via Obscure Store)