I just finished watching the first installment of Band of Brothers, the 10 part mini-series on HBO created by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg about World War II. I thought it was awesome. There was very little focus on actual battle (see Jannelle?). Most of the focuse was on the relationships that come out of war and the type of character it takes to survive a war. I know, that sounds like most other war movies (Saving Private Ryan, et al) and it is like them, but I still like it a lot.

I have a fascination with war movies. I think it is because being a product of no war, and alive during one that was unaffecting, I cannot fathom what it might have been like to live through WWII and I would like to be able to. It is an instance in our history that changed people's lives and the nation's conscience forever and I want to understand that. Also, as sad as this sounds, I think it must have given some people some meaning in their lives and at a time of transition like the one I'm in, it sounds appealing. No, I don't want to die in battle and I don't want to suffer or watch others suffer, but it would be amazing to watch a nation band together. I would also like to see myself in battle. Veterans always say that you never really know if you're courageous until you are out there with a rifle in your hand waiting for the enemy. I wonder if I would have the courage or if I would just sit there crying in a bunker. I guess I won't know.

In reality, I wouldn't like to experience war, but I think it can tell you a lot about yourself and those around you. It is a time in life where everything is on the line and your true persona comes out. So if you know of a way I can experience that without threatening my life or others' then please let me know.