The Inconvenience is goin' places. They claim they sucked, but I thought they were pretty darn good for their first show. I will attend all subsequent shows.

On other notes, ukazu has a great find in their blog about the wall street journal and their pixel-y art. It's about chest shaving and they have the pixel-y art posted. You gotta check it out. And I agree with them, that art is part of the great amusement of reading the Wall Street Journal.

I forgot to mention, yesterday in my Comm Arts class, the great speakers one, when we all sat down my professor wrote on the board, "Microbiology 960" and told us that if we were in the wrong class we should get up and leave. That was funny, but it was even funnier when someone got up to leave. This little Asian lady stood up and then she told her this was really Comm Arts 270, which made her sit back down until she realized that was also the wrong class. It was very funny.