This has been the craziest day of my life. Thank God, my family is all accounted for and safe. I was nervous early on, but now I'm feeling a bit better, not too much though. The two scariest things my mom told me was that...

1. My uncle jon had a meeting today at the World Trade Towers. He was running late and missed his meeting and saved his life.
2. My uncle mike missed his first ferry from Staten Island. If he had made it he would have been under the towers when they exploded.

That is the main reason I am still shaken up, since I just found out about that less than an hour ago. Only one of my classes was cancelled and in one we talked about it the whole time. That was really nice to do. It allowed me to discuss the events in a rational, not emotional, matter with people I respect. We talked about how this will probably immediately turn into a defensive situation that must be responded to immediately. This makes sense, but people have to think of the greater meaning. As horrible as today was, every single American will have a new perspective on the United States and their role as a citizen. We have been the global bully for too long now and I think people will start to realize this. Or people will just get angry and defensive about it and hate everyone else even more. I think we do need to respond but this should be a learning experience as well--about ourselves and our nation.

"We're going to find out who did this and we're going after the bastards." Senator Orin Hatch.

I just hope that we don't do something that isn't in the world's best interest.