Today I played my first games of kickball for the season. It is supposed to only last until the end of September, but we'll see about that. It was a ton of fun. I had a stellar game in the field and a fairly mediocre one batting/kicking. The best part was the team spirit though--it added to the ambiance of the whole event. The next best thing was having Will here.

Will is my best friend from home and I don't see him as often as I'd like. I see him during the summers, but, in the past, I rarely saw him during school because when he came to madison he visited his (now ex) girlfriend. So, if he came to see me even for a few hours she would freak out. Now that they are no longer an item, he can come here over the weekend and it just matty/willy time. This weekend was easily his best visit ever.

As I said, today we had kickball, which ruled. Yesterday we spent most of the day hanging around the house playing video games when I wasn't working on webpages or other stuff. Then I was having an ice cream social for all my LeaderShape friends and it was awesome. I have way to much ice cream though and roomie loves/hates it. After the good times, we went out more with some of the girls, Laura, Danielle and Maija, to a few bars. It was an awesome time as we just relaxed and I watched people drink while we all had good conversation. The day before, on friday, we went to Maija's party at her house and it was a lot more fun than either of us expected. I was a bit worried 'cuz I didn't know anyone there except for Maija and Will knew nobody but me. Nonetheless, we kicked it and danced to everything. We followed everything up with video games. Will and I love video games, but you already know I do.

So that was the weekend. The only downer was having Dog Eat Dog be closed today. I was looking forward to a Chicago-style dog. You can't have it all though. This weekend was such a welcomed break from all the tragedy in this country right now. It is still tough to do work but this weekend definitely gave me some balance.