Last night around this time Will, my sister and I headed to see Zoolander. It was hillarious. It got a mixed bag of reviews, but I think it was a wonderful brainless movie. Roger Ebert criticized the movie for having a plot concerning the assassination of the Malaysian president because he wants to eradicate child labor. The reason it is funny is because it is so absurd. Maybe Rog is affected by the recent tragedies, but it is still a ludicrous idea that shouldn't be taken seriously. Bottomline, is that it made me laugh a lot and that's good enough for me.

Later that night we made it to the "Cube Club" and it was fun. The games ruled and looked awesome. I followed it all up with a nice long chat with my friend Ali. It was nice, even though I stayed up way too late. This morning I had a freakin' optomotrist appointment at 9am, and it was boring but necessary.

Then the Cubs game. Every time I go to the Cubs game I have an awesome time. It's not just watching my favorite team; it's all the people around me and how much fun I have. People at the games have always been friendly and talkative, especially after a few beers. It's just a great thing, and I only had to pay $20 for parking.