Ok, so I was royally annoyed by their behavior towards Napster (although for some reason I never noted it in this blog--I checked) and I think they have taken this "I am rich and I love money so give me more!" thing a little too far. Today I read a story on sonicnet that said they were suing a tire company for using their name for a tire. Come on rock stars. Give them some slack. Maybe I am overestimating the intelligence of people but I don't think many folks go looking for tires and say, "Firestone, Goodyear, woh! Metallica tires! Now my car will rock hard!" Well, I guess people who are buying Metallica tires might not be too bright, but that's not the point. These guys have made huge amounts of dough in their time. HUGE. There is no reason for them to sue anyone because the name Metallica will not get any better or worse than it already is. People have made up their minds and sh*tty tires are not going to change anything.

Today was another day of nothing. I watched tv, I ate eggs, I watched tv, I ate ice cream, I watched tv, I listened to speakers, I watched tv. Yes, the life of an underachiever. One fun bit from today was when a cop stopped in the middle of an intersection to talk to a guy on the street and just stayed there while the other side had a green. He never noticed. He just sat and felt like a tool when his turned green and he realized where he was. Model citizen--phpt.

Just so you know. I will not be blogging all next week. I am going to be on a leadership retreat and will have no access to internet. It's going to hurt me a lot more than it's going to hurt you.