Here's a little story I forgot to mention last time I posted. So last night JP and I went to have dinner at one of our teacher's house. The thing is, we were invited by her son. This may sound a bit odd at first but her son, Rey, had been helping us learn ASP on the side whenever we had time. Jenny and I were especially excited because we would have Matt, who used to be the chef at L'etoile, as our cook. If you're not from madison and you have never heard of this restaurant, it's very fancy and damn good. So you could imagine our excitement. There ended up being 6 people there including myself and Jenny. Everyone there was extremely nice and fun to hang out with, which helped keep things fun. Now for the meal. I will not go into too much detail, but I want you to get an idea of what we got to experience. We started the night with a salmon dip on a bed of greens, that was so tasty. It was like a lighter lox spread. After this hors d'ourve, we moved inside for the appetizer, which was my favorite of the whole meal. We had an asparagus layed over greens, with a citrus almond mayonnaise and oranges on the side. This alone sounds great, but the asparagus would have been amazing on their own. They were from the famers market and were huge and unbelievably tasty. I am going to go on saturday and bring some home for my dad so he can drool too. Back to the meal though. The main course was pork, which is something I would not normally eat, but this was an exception. We had pork tenderloin with this green top that Matt said was spanish, but i can't remember it's contents. It was layed over a bed of wheat berries, ramps (i'll explain) and bacon. This was delicious, especially the ramps. Matt explained that ramps are only in season twice a year and are somewhere between an onion and garlic with the leaves looking and tasting like spinach. If you've ever had pearl onions, this is what the bulb tasted like. They were amazing. Dessert was a rhubarb and strawberry tart that was a perfect way to end the meal.

As you can see, this meal was god damn perfect. I think I will enjoy being friends with Matt (even though this implies that I will use him for his cooking skills, I really did enjoy his company).