I love that yesterday's New York Times' Living Arts section had two articles I really was excited about. How often do you pick up a section of a paper and have two or more articles you are dying to read? They had an article on this play, "Stones in their Pockets," that began in London and is now in NYC. I saw this play last summer in London and it was so amazing. The reviewer just thought it was good. He's dead wrong. Then they had this great article on this conference for web/graphic arts people where they create a product for the computer/web and the best one wins. There was an awesome hand-cranked modem. The faster you cranked it the faster the page loaded. There was other great stuff too.

I turned a design project today that kept me up until 2:45 yesterday. I should never be doing homework that late. It turned out pretty well though so I can move on.

I seriously need to redesign this site. I am already bored of it.