I just read about 70 pages in my book and I enjoyed it very much, even if it was a law book concerning the psychological implications in a murder of a young woman. There's something about law I just find very compelling. I think it is my moral nature kicking in. Law is a way for me to examine human nature through the lens of a civilized society. Maybe I just like it because there are rules and rules are fun. I do like programming and that has a lot of rules, so that is why. Done.

My parents are coming to town this weekend for my birthday. I love seeing the 'rents and it will be a good opportunity to get a free dinner. See, the way to a man's (my) heart is through my stomach. This will also be the first time a lot of my friends are meeting the parents so I am excited about that too. Anyway, I am actually studying today so I should get back to it before I lose my momentum. May the force be with you.