I just got back from the Experience Music Project (henceforth referred to as EMP). I saw Chris (Ballew), Robb, Jason and Rusty. These were four singer songwriters and they each had a set by themselves (5-7 songs) and then all played together. It was a really cool way to do things. I have to say, it was amazing to see Mr. Ballew live in person. I have been a big PUSA fan for a long time and never got to see them perform so this was a nice attempt at a substitue. Also, all his songs were about insects, which is no different than PUSA's stuff.

When I got there my uncle and I realized it was 21+. If you don't know, my bday is a week from today (saturday) so this was kind of annoying. But, we decided to give him my ID and see what happens. I give it to him, he looks for a while and he says, "OH WOW! You guys go ahead and have fun." I thought that was really cool of a bouncer. God knows that in Madison they would have laughed at me and given me a hot foot, or something. Seattle is cool.

I am going back to the EMP (see, the note above was useful) tomorrow morning to actually experience the museum. From what I saw today, I am very excited. It seems like a really interesting museum. I'll give you the report tomorrow.