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This is the Summer Movie Extravaganza. Throught the summer of 2002 I will be watching every major film that is released and any minor films that pique my interest. I'm not doing this to get recognized or even to hone my writing skills, but simply because I love movies and I don't foresee another opportunity like this one in the near future. How often will I stumble across money and have a great deal of time on my hands? Exactly. So I invite you to read my reviews throughout the summer and use them as you'd like. This will be fun for both of us.
That Nick Hornby's so hot right now. After the success of High Fidelity, Hollywood couldn't pass up on the opportunity to cash in the #2 writer out of the UK (behind our friend J.K. Rowling, of course). And thus, the visual storytelling of About a Boy was born.

For those out of the loop, this movie is about a listless, cynnical, fiscally endowed 30-something and his unexpected relationship with a young boy. Will, played by Hugh Grant, is perfectly content having no close relationships and spending his day grooming himself and watching the telly. When a young boy, played by Nicholas Hoult, stumbles into his life, everything changes. I'm hoping you can fill in the blanks from here on out.

There were two pleasing results from this film...

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Hype. This film has been all about hype. The reviews have all talked about the hype. Hype hype hype. How did this movie compare to the hype? Look, I'm not going to talk about hype. I'm going to tell you what I thought and whether or not you should see this. So if hype's your thing, go elsewhere.

I never grew up watching Star Wars. In fact, I hadn't watched all of episodes IV-VI until sophmore year of high school. Nonetheless, the series has this power over you. Your body leads you into the theater regardless of whether you'd like to see the new installments in the series. And so, I went to see Episode II. I was especially eager because I had read a number of positive reviews and listened to positive testaments.

Enough with the build up, this movie was great. I had my doubts, like everyone, but this film was much more cohesive than Episode I.

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"Your hair, it's everywhere. Screaming infidelities And taking its wear." Oh Dashboard, you know the hurt caused by your woman's other man. You and Richard Gere are one and the same. Unfortunately, your music has become annoying and I will look elsewhere to learn about the sting of adultury.

In Unfaithful, we see a very honest, albeit extreme, depiction of sneakin' around. Director Adrian Lyne has had numerous opportunities (Indecent Proposal, Fatal Attraction) to perfect the adultury movie and uses this film to break out of the unfeasable plots and try to tackle something a bit more grounded. Some of the elements remain extreme, but the development of the extramarrital relationship is quite plausible.

The film begins with a depiction of the perfect little family. Richard Gere, Diane Lane and their daughter live in a beautiful house in the suburbs without a care in the world. Then, a chance meeting between Lane's character and a handsome, foreign stranger changes everything. The relationship develops, Gere finds out about it, and then confronts the 3rd wheel...

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