Hello type nerds! Have you ever had a moment where you knew a site used Typekit but you didn't recognize the fonts? I know I have.

For every site that uses Typekit, they produce a colophon that gives you the name of the font, a specimen, and other helpful information. Unfortunately for us, not everyone links to their colophon. I know, right?

That's where my Typekit Colophon Bookmarklet comes in. After adding it to your bookmark toolbar, all you do is click and it will open the site's colophon. If the site doesn't use Typekit (lame-o's), it'll pop up a little alert to let you know.

Install It

Installing it, at least on the desktop, is easy. All you do is click and drag the following link to your bookmark toolbar. If you're dying to install this on your iDevice, it's a pain in the ass, but you can try and follow Instapaper's instructions (but use my code, not theirs).

Drag me to your toolbar: Typekit Colophon

Make It Better

I've put the code up on Github as a gist. Please, feel free to fork it and make improvements. I've tried it in a bunch of places, but I'm sure the code could be cleaner and it'll probably break in some edge cases.

Update (11/15/10): On Friday, my friend Mark Pascal answered my call for a bookmarklet powered by a gist, enabling easier updates. Then Phil Dokas forked my code and prettied up the javascript. I combined the two to so I can improve the bookmarklet. I've also updated the code above to use this new bookmarklet code. Thanks guys!

Oh, and if you're like me and feel like you're just ont cusp of understanding scoping of Javascript functions, I recommend the Functional Javascript article from hunlock.com.