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Is Mexican Coke Better?

Many of my friends, myself included, rush to drink Mexican Coke as it’s made with cane sugar and comes in a glass bottle. Kenji from Serious Eats was also obsessed, but decided to test if it’s actually better. I’ll let you read through his post to find out, but it reminded me of an episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit where they tear down organic foods. At the end, they did a taste test of organic vs. non-organic and no one could tell the difference.

Here’s the first section of the P&T episode.

Obsessives: Soda Pop

No, this is not a video about me, but instead about John Nese, the owner of Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, a shop in LA. They have over 500 different types of soda. I was happy to hear that one of his favorite diet sodas (and he hates diet soda) is Sprecher. Looking forward to checking this out in person when I go to LA next month.

20100903softdrinks.gif Soft Drink Industry Structure

A diagram of all of the major soft drink players. Coke, Pepsi and Snapple/Dr. Pepper own nearly 90% of the market share. You can also see it big. [via kottke]

Eric Asimov and the NYT Says Sprecher Makes the Best Root Beer

Sprecher is my all-time favorite, having drunk it regularly while in Madison. They don't review my second favorite, Henry Weinhardt's, but you'll have to trust me. While shipping is not cheap, Pop Soda lets you mail-order all kinds of delicious root beer and fizzy drinks. [via kottke]

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