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Posted January 21, 2014

It’s been a few months since Facebox, which means it’s time to announce a new project! Khoi and I are working together1 again to build Kidpost, a product designed to help parents get photos of their children into the metaphorical hands of their loved ones. Khoi explains the genesis of the concept quite well, but here’s the crux of why we’re building this:

In some ways, it’s easier than ever for us to get images of our kids to those who care about them most, but in other ways it’s still much harder than it should be, too. I know for a fact that the sheer number of venues for sharing has made it difficult for my parents and in-laws to keep up with the images that Laura and I post to Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and other services. And truth be told, even I frequently miss some of the photos that Laura posts, too.

In other words, it’s easier than ever for modern parents to post content, but it remains difficult to get everything in the hands of those who care. Our solution to this problem is email. There are 3 basic steps:

  1. Sign into Kidpost and link your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever accounts.
  2. Kidpost watches your accounts for properly tagged posts and pulls them in.
  3. Periodically, it sends an email filled with photos to an email list you create.

It’s a simple solution to an annoying problem and I can’t wait to use it when my first child arrives.

We’ll be launching in the spring, but you can get on the mailing list now for early access. We’re looking for eager beavers to give us feedback on the product, but I’ll be sure to post updates periodically to the blog.

  1. I’m also really excited we’ve brought Mike in on this project to handle back-end tasks. We just met, but he seems awesome.


Posted June 6, 2011

A couple months ago, Andre and Amber of Simpleform brought us the delightful image and video sharing site that is MLKSHK. Seriously, it is one of my favorite things on the internet these days. For those of us who are dormant or infrequent or suspect photographers, it’s an easy way to share and explore visual content. If you need more convincing, I suggest you read Chris’ post.

One of my favorite light-browsing activities is clicking on photos from their @bestofmlkshk Twitter account. It’s consistently entertaining. Unfortunately, there is a lot of clicking and I often miss stuff. Instead of complaining, I made something.

BSTSHK in Chrome

This is BSTSHK, a prettier view of the @bestofmlkshk feed. I made it last week and I’ve been looking at it 3-4 times a day. I think of it as Stellar (I’ll tell you about that in another post) for MLKSHK. If you want to get a flavor for what people are posting and liking, you’ll like this.

For the nerds in the audience, I made this by hitting the Twitter JSON API, regexing a bit, and spitting it out to a webpage. Magic! Also magic, is that I made it responsive-ish. See below.

BSTSHK in Chrome

Monthly vs. Single After the Fare Hike

Posted November 16, 2010

20101116metrocard.pngIn a month and a half, the MTA will be raising the fares for subway riders in New York City. I commute to work underground every day and wasn’t sure if I should continue to buy a monthly unlimited pass. I also have been enamored with data journalism as of late. Thus, I made something.

For New Yorkers considering a monthly Metrocard in 2011, I submit the Metrocard Cost Comparison for 2011. As you can see from the preview, it compares the difference in cost for monthly vs. pay-per-ride cards both before and after the fare hike. The difference isn’t huge, but seeing the table makes it much easier to digest.

A Typekit Colophon Bookmarklet

Posted November 12, 2010

Hello type nerds! Have you ever had a moment where you knew a site used Typekit but you didn't recognize the fonts? I know I have.

For every site that uses Typekit, they produce a colophon that gives you the name of the font, a specimen, and other helpful information. Unfortunately for us, not everyone links to their colophon. I know, right?

That's where my Typekit Colophon Bookmarklet comes in. After adding it to your bookmark toolbar, all you do is click and it will open the site's colophon. If the site doesn't use Typekit (lame-o's), it'll pop up a little alert to let you know.

Install It

Installing it, at least on the desktop, is easy. All you do is click and drag the following link to your bookmark toolbar. If you're dying to install this on your iDevice, it's a pain in the ass, but you can try and follow Instapaper's instructions (but use my code, not theirs).

Drag me to your toolbar: Typekit Colophon

Make It Better

I've put the code up on Github as a gist. Please, feel free to fork it and make improvements. I've tried it in a bunch of places, but I'm sure the code could be cleaner and it'll probably break in some edge cases.

Update (11/15/10): On Friday, my friend Mark Pascal answered my call for a bookmarklet powered by a gist, enabling easier updates. Then Phil Dokas forked my code and prettied up the javascript. I combined the two to so I can improve the bookmarklet. I've also updated the code above to use this new bookmarklet code. Thanks guys!

Oh, and if you're like me and feel like you're just ont cusp of understanding scoping of Javascript functions, I recommend the Functional Javascript article from

Canabalt Scoreboard Upgrades: User Scores, Historical Data

Posted December 4, 2009

Remember the Canabalt Scoreboard I built a while ago? I decided to add a couple things. Semisecret, the game's creator, is going to be adding a global leaderboard in the next update, so I thought I'd some things that will remain useful and parse some of the data.

Historical Data

death-graph.pngSince I started tracking data on October 4th, I've captured 25k scores. As of today, the average score is 3965m. When you break it down by the type of death, it's 3728m (fine mist), 4082m (hit wall) and 3686m (fell). I think it does a decent job of showing what obstacle is hardest to avoid (hitting a building above or below the window).

If you go to the site and click on the stats tab, you can also see a list of the highest score for each day since I've tracked scores and a pretty graph of how people are dying, broken down by day (seen to the right). It's also an interesting look into how often people are posting their scores to Twitter which I imagine correlates closely to total usage.

User Scores

You can also now look at all of the scores you've submitted. For example, here are mine and here's iSpacemanSpiff, who has the highest score right now. If you want to look up the scores of anyone else, just go to the main page and do a search.

More Information

I have other data I'd like to get up there, specifically the average score per day, to see if people are improving overall. And if any of you like the graph, I built it using the Javascript library, Bluff. I like it a lot and have also been interested in using High Charts, but that's fodder for another post.

The more I build this out, the more I think this would be a useful tool for developers. I know many collaborative FPS and MMPORG games use stats to change how the game works and I think iPhone developers with global leaderboards could learn from this data too.

Introducing: Canabalt High Scores

Posted October 14, 2009

20091014canabalt.pngI am becoming obsessed with the iPhone game Canabalt. In the game, you run and jump for as long as you can before you die. Maybe not revolutionary, but it's damn fun.

My biggest problem with the game is that the only way to share your scores is to tweet them. You have a leaderboard on your phone, but it's not global. And since I'm so awesome at the game and Sippey asked nicely, I built a public leaderboard based on people's tweets.

That's right, the world now has a Canabalt Scoreboard.

For those who are technically minded, I have a script that hits the Twitter search API every few minutes and grabs people's scores. I went back as far as Twitter would allow to grab old data and I'm ignoring scores from people (cheaters) who posted from the web and not the API (which sucks for me as I've gotten 16k+, but didn't tweet it).

That's it! Good luck, Canabalters.

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