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20110411japanphotos.png Japan Before and After Tsunami

The photos are devastating, but the design of the page makes it feel real. Using a slider, you can choose how much of the before or after you want to see. Something about watching the landscape change from whole to decimated and being able to control it is powerful. It’s like a simplified, horrific version of destroying a Sim City with a natural disaster. Somehow, it brings more gravity to the images.

Let It Dough!

Chris Neimann is at it again with a photo-illustrated blog post. If you like winter cookies (paging Natalie!) and cute things (paging Natalie and other people too!) I recommend you check it out. Also, I think this is a very sound budget.

Asset Allocation

I would have allocated some sprinkles money for ice cream, but that’s just me.

20101104natgeo.jpg National Geographic's Photography Contest

Usually, when I look at Big Picture photo sets, I flip through all of the photos pretty quickly and move on, even when they’re beautiful. Occasionally, I’ll read the caption. With this latest set, I read every single caption and was amazed by the set’s breadth. After you finish doing the same, you can vote for your favorite before December 10th.

20101203streetview.jpg 9 Eyes

I still can’t believe it, but all of the images from this blog are pulled directly from Google Street View. I wonder if the drivers of the van ever feel like war photographers. Should I call this in or just keep driving?

Photos from Japan

Posted August 3, 2010

I’ve got a few blog posts in mind about my trip to Japan, but I figure that you might want to look at my photos while you wait. Below is a slideshow of all of my photos, but I also put together a collection of various sets that break them up by city.

And if you want to go old school, here’s the photoset from my trip in 2005.

The Order of Things

Posted May 27, 2010


Such a breathtaking image. Can you imagine being back there?

Photo by Endless Forms Most Beautiful (via youngna)

Danger: A Photo Collection at Pictory

I haven’t yet posted about Pictory here, but it’s a sporadically published photo blog that groups images and text around a theme. The latest one, “Danger”, is my favorite thus far. The photos, stories and design are all great.

20100331dew.jpg Sleeping Insects Covered in Early Morning Dew

Meta note: I love that more sites are putting up huge photographs. Thank you, Big Picture.

20100318expo.jpg The Big Picture: Shanghai prepares for Expo 2010

Based on this photo essay, they are making a crapload of crazy buildings for Expo 2010.

20100306bedjumping.jpg Bed Jumpers

A great series of photos, guaranteed to make you smile. You can also see a larger set of images, which isn’t as tightly edited. [via @Pogue]

20100303makeaface.png Make A Face

My coworker/buddy Mark Paschal built the most funnest website. Login, take a photo with your webcam, it appears automagically. It’s like the internet’s photo booth.

Lady Gaga, You Are Awesome

Posted September 14, 2009

via mtv

Seriously. Please keep being awesome.

Photos of the Large Hadron Collider

Holy moses, this thing is insane. About 2/3 of the way in you can really start to see the massive scale.

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