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20100514newscan.jpg rayogram NEWScan

While cleaning out my bookmarks, I found this. What a great way to scan the news in the morning. Thank you past-Matt!

Rocky Mountain News' Farewell Video

After nearly 150 years, the paper shuts its doors.

SND's Top 5 Newspaper Designs of 2008

My favorite by a good margin was the last in the slideshow, Welt am Sonntag. [via Khoi]

Kim Rugg's Re-Imagining of Important Front Pages

She cuts up the page and reorders everything alphabetically. The photos are cut into small pieces and reordered by color. Her artist statement is a bit generic, but I definitely these pieces visually stimulating.

News Designer Rounds Up Reactions to the Tribune Redesign

It's a huge departure and the screens in this post show it. As Chitown is my hometown, I'm going to pick up a copy and whip together a post of my own on this.

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