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Magazines and Tablets

I feel like I’ve harped on this before, but I think David succinctly describes what print companies are doing wrong with their digital magazines.

I think it’s a stretch to say “printed magazines work better in every way.” Print doesn’t work better for breaking news, interactive visualizations, collaborative real-time problem solving, blogging whimsical ideas that aren’t print-worthy (a la The New Yorker), community, e-commerce, location-aware behavior or searching archives.

Boom. Tablets have the potential to bring the best of the web and print together, but no one is going to buy a more expensive, harder-to-read version of a print magazine. But if you bring social and interactive elements, then it becomes something really interesting.

The Best Magazine Articles Ever

Kevin Kelley collects a list of the best magazine articles ever. It’s extra awesome if you think about how long this would have taken to compile 20 years ago.

Gourmet Live

Condé Nast announced the rebirth of Gourmet as Gourmet Live today. The iPad app looks amazing and has lots of user-focused features (easy to scan and read, friend-driven recommendations) and will draw primarily from the huge catalogue of content. Mediaite quotes Anil Dash explaining that the app will be “suffusing the really great content in Gourmet with tradition, with state-of-the-art social media, networking and collaborative game playing engine.” Sounds like fun to me.

Beautiful Line Motif in Luke Hayman's Vibe Redesign

Damn, I love this design element. Here's his full write-up on the Pentagram blog.

Collections of Covers from The Face

It was such a fantastic magazine and first inspired my love of big, blocky lettering. [via magCulture]

MagHound Will Be Netflix for Magazines

It'll open its doors in September and you'll be able to subscribe to magazines and swap them out for another at any point. They'll be about 300 magazines at launch and three magazines will cost $5 a month.

The Death of Small Magazines

Thanks to postage costs weighted by volume.

The Magazineer

Derek Powazek does a blog about magazines? Hello new favorite blog.

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