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Google asks, "What's a Browser?"

They asked 50 people in Times Square and only 8% knew what one was. Of course, most of the people they asked were older, because that number seems pretty low to me. Either way, it's a good reminder than my friends are nerds. [via waxy]

Perch: A Lightweight CMS

Seems like a good option for sites that just need basic text entry. I love that you can call a Perch PHP variable in your document and the field shows up in the admin interface.

The Cost of Downloading

Time Warner Cable attempted to introduce additional fees for heavy downloaders, but public outcry forced them to shut it down. The Bits Blog points out TWC's hypocracy as they refuse to offer bandwidth-based pricing to businesses but insist consumers must use it. Oh, it's also nominally more expensive for TWC to double bandwidth.


Matthew Baldwin's hilarious (and fictional) account of an NSA spying program gone deliciously wrong.

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