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Canabalt: Typing Tutor Edition

It is most definitely harder, but you learn! (Thanks for reminding me to post this, Dan)

Update (5/28/10): Game Set Watch talks about the origin of this edition.

It turns out that the educational game came at the request of Charles Watson, who runs a computer project dedicated to providing computers with low power consumption parts to schools in developing counties. Dealing with students, he noticed that many of them enjoyed Flash games, but most of those games were violent and generally devoid of any educational content.

Sal Khan at Gel 2010

Sal is the founder of Khan Academy, a YouTube channel that teaches hundreds of thousands of people almost anything (although he specializes in math). In the twenty minute video, Sal explains how the site came to be and what has made it so successful.

Trade School

“Take a class every night with a range of specialized teachers in exchange for basic items and services. Secure a spot in a Trade School class by meeting one of the teacher’s barter needs.” My only complaint is that most of the classes are full! [via @lauratitian]

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