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20111020tiesight.jpg TieSight

For only a dollar, you can have an app tell you how to tie your tie. It has ten knots to choose from and would be great for a teenager, since most of them still kind of suck at life.

Lyndon Johnson Buys Pants

Not only does President Johnson know exactly what he wants, but he is quite frank. In other words, if you’ve ever wanted to hear a president say “bunghole”, this video is for you. [via kottke]

20100602fifashirt.jpg World Cup Celebration Shirt

There is one bad thing about this shirt: you can’t buy it. Someone make this now. [via buzzfeed]

An Expert Ironing a Shirt

I wish there was a cable channel with five minute snippets of experts doing things. In the meantime, you’ll have to suffer through this flash interface showing several others. My second favorite is the boot shining. [via Put This On]

Put This On: Episode 1

This is a promising start for a new video series on dressing like an adult.

Resident Evil Zombie Shirt

I like just about anything that gives me a reason to pull the front of my shirt over my head.

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