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20101223fallingwater.JPG Falling Water Gingerbread House

This is the best gingerbread house I have ever seen. The end. [via kateri]

20101129christmascard.jpg Just A Few Holiday Cards

Like most good Jews, I have a strong love of Christmas music and ephemera. Which is why it pains me that this abstract Christmas tree card would not work well for the majority of my family.* There is a pretty good chance, statistically speaking, that it could work for you.

If it’s not your style, there are eight other options. You can buy one of each or just get 9 of a single style, with envelopes, for $18.

* Truth be told, I am not sold on the concept of holiday cards, even if I can get behind the sentiment. Also see: Birthday Wish Hierarchy

8-Bit Jesus: A Chiptune Christmas

Quirky, sure, but these are good [via waxy]

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