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The 50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2010

Do you have some hate to spread around? This is a good list for you. It’s not surprising to see Halliburton’s CEO on this list and I shouldn’t be shocked by this fact, but I am:

Halliburton charges U.S. taxpayers $45 for a six-pack of Coke in Iraq and $100 for a load of laundry

I could be so rich if I could completely eradicate my conscience. [via kottke]

BuzzFeed's Top 20 Videos of 2010

It’s silly to think you could ever keep up with every funny video released, unless of course you work for BuzzFeed. I can confirm that 90% of these videos are humorous. If you want more, I can recommend you view posts from my videos tag.

Bygone Bureau's Best New Blogs

Well written and great suggestions. I subscribed to 33% of the blogs recommended. I have two blogs to suggest; one which began this year and one of which I rediscovered. It so happens they are both friends, but I think you’ll enjoying their writing as well. First, we have Angry Wayne. Wayne puts it better than I can:

I’m a cook (sometimes an angry one) who has left his stable world of an established New York eatery to travel the world for five months and get perspective and is now working furiously to start his own business.

Now that I have “free-time” I’m going to put my money (very little) where my mouth is (very big) and start writing about some ideas and thoughts related to food and life here.

Second, we have Adventures in a Pointless Forest, in which Vera makes everything sound wonderful, or interesting, or something. She always makes everything sound something. Two of my recent favorite posts are You might as well say ‘I eat what I see’ is the same as ‘I see what I eat’! and Op, pff. Op, pff. Op, pff.

Buzzwords of 2008

The words alone are enough, but the typography made it a must-post.

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