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20120102whiteroom.jpg (1000 Stickers x 1000 Kids) + White Room

The artist Yayoi Kusama painted everything in a room white, provided every kid that visited the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane with colorful stickets, and unleashed them. You can see the results above. I think it’s somewhat engenius to have kids do it. Adults would have tried to impose some kind of order. In fact, I insist the artist do this again, but only allow adults or women or old people to affix stickers.

20111110mixel.png Mixel: The World's First Social Art App

Today, Khoi and Scott are launching a fantastic new iPad app and I want you to know about it! Mixel allows you to create and remix collages of images using your fingers and your iPad. It’s easy to do and a lot of fun, even if you just want to consume others’ work. I’ll let Khoi explain it in his own words.

But we chose collage for a very important reason: it makes art easy. Photos, the component pieces of every collage, are among the most social and viral content on the Web, and allowing people to combine them into new, highly specific expressions of who they are and what they’re interested in is powerful. Collage also has a wonderfully accessible quality; few people are comfortable with a brush or a drawing implement, but almost everyone is comfortable cutting up images and recombining them in new, expressive, surprising or hilarious ways. We all used to do this as kids.

I’ll end with my most popular Mixel (so far) and a recent fave. Happy mixing!

20110902tag.png 365 Drawings of Tag

Tag Savage, who has an awesome name, recently turned older and David Cole gave him a bad-ass gift. He had Mechanical Turkers create 365 portraits of Tag and he compiled them all into a book. You can see the portraits, which are boring on average but awesome in total.

I am curious how much David paid for each portrait and if the quality would have improved if he offered more or less.

20110822solitaire.jpg An Artist's Rendering of the Solitaire Win Screen

I’m sure you’ve played and won Solitaire on Windows. An artist (collective?) that goes by Skrekkogle has recreated this piece of art as a physical object. Click through to see the making-of and a full view, which looks like it could easily be a screenshot.

How To Steal Like An Artist

I can tell this is good because nothing on this list is surprising, but I nodded along the whole way and felt inspired when I finished. For example:

The best way to vanquish your enemies on the internet? Ignore them.

The best way to make friends on the internet? Say nice things about them.

20110125bttf.jpg Rich Pellegrino's Portraits of Marty and Doc

I don’t think you could have a better portrait of Doc and Marty. It captures them perfectly and the colors scream 80s. If you’re a fellow Back to the Future fan, I highly recommend Nerduo’s new blog and the shirts they’re selling at I’m not even sure I like the shirts, but I would buy them solely because of the brilliant domain name.

20100628hawkkrall.jpg Hawk Krall Illustration

Hawk has been illustrating hot dogs for Serious Eats and I’m kinda in love. I love the colors. You can buy prints if you’d like to put some hot dogs on your wall. I know I do.

20100618pixelart.jpg Shawn Smith's Pixelated Sculptures

I thought this was just Lego art, but these are actually square wooden rods that are colored with ink. It feels very unique, even if it’s not. [via waxy]

How to Make a Newspaper Blackout Poem on the iPad

Austin Kleon reminds us that making stuff can be awesome on the iPad. I also strongly encourage you to buy his book of blackout poems. They’re fabulous.

Beautiful Information Graphics Prints

Happy Hannukah to me? [via H&FJ]

Cereal Taxonomy

Okay, I really want this on my wall.

Papercraft Self Portrait

It is waaaaaay more awesome, but reminds a little of the Steve Madden big head ads.

Reimagining the Default Twitter Avatar as Famous Characters

I especially love the dug one.

Breathtaking Video of a Ukrainian Sand Artist

I was almost moved to tears. She tells a heartfelt story with her hands a very thin layer of sand.

Looking at the Artwork for The Shepherd's Dog

It's a fantastic album cover. It's nice to see some more information about it. Oh, and it was painted by Mr. Iron & Wine himself, Sam Beam.

I Get Your Fail

Chronicles beautiful images created during video game development. [via modcult]

Kim Rugg's Re-Imagining of Important Front Pages

She cuts up the page and reorders everything alphabetically. The photos are cut into small pieces and reordered by color. Her artist statement is a bit generic, but I definitely these pieces visually stimulating.

Boing Boing Takes Us on a Video Tour of David Byrne's Playing the Building

I need to go back and see this when it's not completely crowded.

The Illustrated President

Turns out Bush's favorite painting is not about spreading the good word, but about a horse thief nearing capture. Whoops! [via kottke]

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