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How I Saved A 747 From Crashing

It’s good to be reminded that most of the folks in a cockpit know what they’re doing.

The four of us proceeded to take the cockpit operating manual, which is a red manual that we have in the cockpit designed to cover all of the emergencies that you would think that you might expect to encounter. This was not in the manual.

Volcanic Dangers: Why It Has to Be Avoided

I’m just now catching up on all this volcano business. While it seems ridiculous that all of Europe is grounded, “The Middle Seat Terminal” reminds us that it’s for a good reason

Consider a British Airways 747 flying near Jakarta, Indonesia in June 1982 at 37,000 feet. It flew into an unreported ash cloud from the Mount Galunggung volcano. Engines flamed out and the plane went silent. Ash filled the cabin through air vents, and sandblasted the cockpit window to obscure visibility. For 13 terrifying minutes, the plane glided to 12,000 feet before the crew was able to restart three of the four engines and land at Jakarta.

My Airline by David Owen

"If you wish to attempt a Sudoku puzzle during the flight, you must demonstrate to my satisfaction that you realize that the nine spaces in every row and column must each contain a unique digit, and that the nine squares that make up the over-all Sudoku square cannot be completed without consideration for how they fit into the entire puzzle. Do you understand this? No? Fifty dollars."

Telstar Logistics Flies First Class on the A380

Here's the full flickr set from their trip. The plane is ridiculous. You don't have a first class seat, but a first class suite. Oh, and when your flight is coming to an end, you can shower in one of two showers in first class. Even the coach passengers get to watch one of three live video feeds of takeoff, landing or any other portion of the flight. I'd pay just to hang out in first class for 30 minutes. [via boing boing]

Photos from the 2008 Aircraft Interiors Expo

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