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The Future of Television Publishing

While we don’t yet know if Netflix will be able to turn a profit on self-produced content, it seems pretty clear they’ll be guaranteed a hit. The NY Times wrote about how they knew House of Cards would do well.

Netflix, which has 27 million subscribers in the nation and 33 million worldwide, ran the numbers. It already knew that a healthy share had streamed the work of Mr. Fincher, the director of “The Social Network,” from beginning to end. And films featuring Mr. Spacey had always done well, as had the British version of “House of Cards.” With those three circles of interest, Netflix was able to find a Venn diagram intersection that suggested that buying the series would be a very good bet on original programming.

It’s not that Fox or Universal or whomever don’t have data, they just don’t have the same breadth of internal data that someone like Netflix or Amazon or Apple have. I really enjoyed watching House of Cards, but I’m more interested in how this model of publishing shakes up the industry.

Netflix is Killing Your Friends

Much to my shagrin, Netflix is planning to phase out the Friends component of their service. I’m okay with the now defunct community tab, but I base many of my rentals my friends’ ratings. As evidenced by no one team reaching the full 10% improvement in the Netflix Prize, we’re not close to computer-based recommendations being better than my friends. To sum up: I’m on Team Friends.

Roger Ebert's Best Films of 2009

Just added half of these to my Netflix queue (and he's also posted his best films of the decade)

Access Your Protected Feeds Using the Netflix API

There's a whole lot of copying and pasting, but I'm super excited about having access to these new feeds. Time to write some Action Streams plug-ins.

The Fall's Title Sequence

This is breathtaking and I just added it to my queue as a result. While I'm add it, here's the title sequence for Ginger Snaps, one of my favorite horror movies.

Netflix Announces Full-Featured API

You can basically recreate Netflix. This is a fantastic idea and will help them keep the lead in movie rentals. I can't wait to see the awesome MT plugins and iPhone apps that come out of this.

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