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20100927china.jpg The Big Picture: Scenes from China

TBP has been on quite a tear lately. The breadth of photos is particularly impressive.

20100804bus.png Straddling Bus

China is developing a bus that would straddle two lanes of traffic and run on a rail system. Passengers would enter on the second level and it would be 10% of the cost of an equivalent subway system and reduce traffic by up to 30%. Also, it looks pretty Jetsons. [via Jalopnik]

20100318expo.jpg The Big Picture: Shanghai prepares for Expo 2010

Based on this photo essay, they are making a crapload of crazy buildings for Expo 2010.

A Town in Sichuan, China

Seeing this blew my mind today. I just can't imagine how different my life is from those living in this village. [via david]

The Chinese Trick Mother Nature Into Making it Rain

"As those of us inside the Bird's Nest feared rain...the city's meteorological bureau peppered approaching clouds with over 1000 silver-iodide rockets. That triggered intense showers outside the city and preempted a rainfall on China's parade." The Olympics are over, but I'm clearing my browser tabs and this is nuts. More info on Chinese rainmaking.

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