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Ben Folds on Independent Releases

Ben Folds Five will be releasing their first new album in a decade later this year and Mr. Folds gave us an update on the progress. If you’re a fan, read his entire note. It will make you fidget with excitement.

Ben succinctly described the value in an independent release (which they’re planning to do in September) later in the post.

Just seems [that] a musical experience I hate to be in [is] the position of selling it to people who don’t care. I’d rather spend my time telling people who DO care and save the money and time. Sell fewer records probably to those who want it. That leaves more time to make new records and tour. Less ass kissing, more music and life.

It makes you wonder why anyone passionate about their craft and connecting with people would do anything else.

Ben Folds Releasing New Mix and Source Files for Way to Normal

Unfortunately, it's only for his fanclub, but it sounds like a good package for audiophiles and tinkerers. "Although I stand behind the official version...I'm a populist at heart and saw no reason not to provide a slightly different approach for those who prefer more old fashioned dynamics along with a sequence that builds."

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