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La Rosa and Son

I'm always searching for my two delivery staples in the neighborhood -- Chinese and Pizza. I had lost my chinese staple, Mr. Miyagi's, when it closed a couple months ago, but I always had Sal's on Smith St. for pizza. Their regular pies were fine but their brick oven was great. Unfortunately it was pricey, so I thought I'd start fresh.

A month ago I discovered La Rosa and Son. It's a new restaurant from the brilliant minds behind Schnäck. I popped in and tried a slice of cheese. It was good, even for something that had to be reheated. Over the last few weeks I've ordered three pies, two were delivered and I ate one at the restaurant. The best was a garlic and fresh basil pie. The sauce is not as sweet as Grimaldi's and the cheese is fresh. Anyway, it's tasty, especially when it's hot.

The bit that won me over was when I ordered a pizza tonight, they told me it would be thirty minutes to an hour. I called to check on my order at what I thought was an hour after I had called. The owner came on and told me it hadn't quite been an hour, but said they'd get to me as quickly as possible and would take something off the price. When it came, it was $1.25 less and he threw in two extra sodas. For that gesture alone, I will continue to order from them for as long as both of us our in Boerum Hill.


Thanks for the link to Schnack. FYI, you have a typo our name.