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November 2013

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A Short Story, "Feature Development for Social Networking"

I’m not that into zombies, but I’m really into believable portrayals of apocalyptic futures. Benjamin Rosenbaum has written a great short story that shows a zombie outbreak through both sides of social media¬†— its users and developers.

Buster Day I know I’m an asshole for saying this, Emily, but she just got bit and you are going to SEE her? Is that smart?

Roland Wu Yes, Buster, you are an asshole for saying that.

Jesus Palanquin Roland, it is an AVERAGE of 24 hours, but cases have been observed with incub pd of as short as 6 hours. Read the FAQ you linked to. Marsh, how long ago?

Marsha Shirksy Like an hour ago! Emily are you serious? Maybe Buster is right. But I’m really scared.

Emily Carter np honey sit tight. I am on my way, taser in hand. You can stay at arms’ length :-) :-)

Amazon Source and the Future of Bookstores

Amazon has introduced a new program for booksellers which lets them purchase Kindles at a 6% discount and earn 10% on any ebook purchased over the next 2 years. If you put the numbers aside, this appears to be Amazon’s attempt at letting booksellers focus on what they do best: recommend books and create a space for book lovers.

Imagine a bookstore that only sold beautiful objects, coffee, and advice. I’m sure they’d host book clubs and have author events. Amazon can’t replicate any of these things very well over the internet—they try hard to do advice, but recommendation software is still an unsolved problem—so they leave it to independents.

If there was a way for a bookstore to make enough money selling these things, then everyone wins. It seems like Source is just a point in a long conversation; it’s imperfect but it’s pushing us closer to an answer.

[via kottke]

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