facebox-share-icon.pngKhoi and I made something! We’ve created a set of 50 stock user photos for UI design and presentations. These are photos of real people that we really found while walking the streets of New York City. What’s more exciting is that it’s awesome, available today, and called Facebox.

Facebox was built with a simple problem in mind — it’s hard or expensive to find good photos to use in design mockups. Personally, I often spend half an hour pulling together photos of friends (which aren’t rights-cleared) or I drop $100 on stock photography (and still spend half an hour wading through garbage). Our goal was to provide an affordable product that has the natural look of your friends’ photos with the professional polish and legal clearance of stock photography. If you look at what we’ve produced, I think you’ll agree we’ve succeeded. For just $25 at launch, it’s something I’d buy in a heartbeat.

What’s in the (Face)Box

As you might imagine, we’ve included all 50 photos as JPGs (at 640px x 640px, big enough to fill the portrait view of an iPhone 5). We’ve also included sets at the same size with rounded rectangle and circle masks as 24-bit PNGs.

Since the tools you buy should make your life easier, we’ve bundled in several files that remove a step or two in your process. In the download you’ll find a Photoshop file with all 50 photos that makes it easy to export versions with custom masks (we include some options) and sizes; PowerPoint, Keynote, and Sketch files with the images placed on the canvas; and an OmniGraffle stencil.

If there’s something you think is missing, I’d love to hear it. We want this purchase to feel like a no-brainer.

This project made me happy. We pried ourselves out from behind our Cinema Displays and spent 7 days outside taking photos. Even better, we produced something we believe solves a simple, but real, problem in a graceful way. It’s something I’m proud of and I hope it solves a problem for you, too.

Check out Facebox, or send it to a friend. Cheap, legal, and totally awesome.