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Soon, Your Pills Will Call Your Doctor

In what seems like crazy sci-fi, there’s a new type of pill that can tell your doctor whether or not you’ve taken it and the FDA just approved it.

With no battery and no sensor, it is powered by the body itself. The chip contains small amounts of copper and magnesium. After being ingested the chip will interact with digestive juices to produce a voltage that can be read from the surface of the skin through a detector patch, which then sends a signal via mobile phone to inform the doctor that the pill has been taken.

They mention that it’s not just about spying; it could also help doctors adjust dosage. A few more ideas that came to mind:

  • If grandpa doesn’t take his heart medicine at lunch, ring an alarm an hour later. If he doesn’t take it in two hours, text someone.
  • Implant these in vitamins (or broccoli!) and game-ify your kids health without all that pesky inputting.
  • Have the sensor know drug contraindications, so people who are on a variety of pills can be warned if they accidentally ingest something that could hurt them.

[via the always awesome NextDraft]