I enjoy sporadically linking to interesting content here, but sometimes it’s better to bring you right to the source. Here are a couple sites I’ve been reading for the last few weeks that produce great content consistently.


20111003colossal.jpgIf you like interesting art and design projects, Colossal is killing it. I know things tend to get posted everywhere the second they become popular, but 3/4 of the things I see on Colossal are new to me. The site is run by Christopher Jobson out of Chicago and I’m amazed this isn’t the only thing he does.

Recently, I liked this Victorian Lego House and Brushless Paintings by Amy Shackleton.


As a nerd, I enjoy reading about tech, but I don’t need 5,000 words on the new Amazon tablet or 50 posts a day covering an unnecessarily broad scope of gizmos. Instead, I rely on Dan Frommer’s new site, SplatF. He posts about five times a day and he always has an opinion. The site is also cleanly designed (very [Sippey](http://sippey.com]-esque and made me rethink the command key on Apple computers.

Splat refers to the key on a Mac keyboard that’s officially called the Command key.

Some old-school Mac nerds — my father included — call it the “splat” key, because the symbol sort of looks like something that went “splat.” So that’s what I’ve been calling it since the early 90s.

Recently, I’ve enjoyed his posts about Netflix spinning off Qwikster, potential iPhone 5 disappointment, and a simple/effective post concerning Meg Whitman’s appointment to CEO at HP.

(Full disclosure: My employer, Say Media, serves ads for SplatF, but that happend after I began reading the site. Also, it makes me happy my employer is partnering with awesome sites.)