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August 2011

This month I posted 5 entries, crafted 82 tweets, listened to 476 songs, watched 2 videos, took 3 photos and favorited 78 things.

20110831talkoclock.jpg Talk O'Clock: The Social Alarm Clock

As previously discussed, I suck at waking up. I’ll tried Clocky, but it doesn’t really stick. This iPhone app, where a stranger calls to wake you up, might work.

You set an alarm, get a call on your cell phone at the right time, and hear “Good morning!” from a stranger. Easy as 1-2-3! And you can be an alarm clock too! Have fun calling someone you don’t know to wake him/her up. Who knows, maybe they’ll become your new friends. Using our service you won’t miss out on what’s important and get an energy boost for the whole day after chatting with a friendly stranger.

I’m going to give this a shot tomorrow morning. Also, their use of stock photography is pretty hilarious.

20110822solitaire.jpg An Artist's Rendering of the Solitaire Win Screen

I’m sure you’ve played and won Solitaire on Windows. An artist (collective?) that goes by Skrekkogle has recreated this piece of art as a physical object. Click through to see the making-of and a full view, which looks like it could easily be a screenshot.

20110820ciel.jpg I Would Have Sex with the Cadillac Ciel

Man, this is one seriously sexy car. It’s just a concept and it’s incredibly impractical, but I want to have its babies. [via @brilliantcrank]

Learn to Code

If you’ve always wondered what your significant other does all day at his/her startup, this is your chance to find out. Code Academy assumes no knowledge of programming as they take you through the basics in your browser. [via waxy]

Portraits of Gay Marriage

On the first day New York allowed gay marriage, the NY Times interviewed twenty couples. It’s a wonderful tribute to love. When you have 20 minutes or so, listen to all of them. Yay.

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