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April 2010

This month I posted 17 entries, listened to 178 songs, bookmarked 3 sites, favorited 30 things, crafted 72 tweets, watched 23 videos and took 7 photos.

20100428touch.gif Touch Gesture Reference Guide

A wonderful PDF that captures:

1) an overview of the core gestures used for most touch commands 2) how to utilize these gestures to support major user actions 3) visual representations of each gesture to use in design documentation and deliverables 4) an outline of how popular software platforms support core touch gestures


Super Mario Crossover

Play Super Mario Bros. as Samus, Megaman or a variety of other characters.

20100426danger.jpg Danger: A Photo Collection at Pictory

I haven’t yet posted about Pictory here, but it’s a sporadically published photo blog that groups images and text around a theme. The latest one, “Danger”, is my favorite thus far. The photos, stories and design are all great.

20100421klondike.jpg How to Make a Klondike Float

Last week I tweeted about a concoction we created in the office — the Klondike Float. A few days later, Serious Eats wrote it up on their site. While their photos are far superior, here’s a Klondike Float I made on Friday.

How to Make a Newspaper Blackout Poem on the iPad

Austin Kleon reminds us that making stuff can be awesome on the iPad. I also strongly encourage you to buy his book of blackout poems. They’re fabulous.

Volcanic Dangers: Why It Has to Be Avoided

I’m just now catching up on all this volcano business. While it seems ridiculous that all of Europe is grounded, “The Middle Seat Terminal” reminds us that it’s for a good reason

Consider a British Airways 747 flying near Jakarta, Indonesia in June 1982 at 37,000 feet. It flew into an unreported ash cloud from the Mount Galunggung volcano. Engines flamed out and the plane went silent. Ash filled the cabin through air vents, and sandblasted the cockpit window to obscure visibility. For 13 terrifying minutes, the plane glided to 12,000 feet before the crew was able to restart three of the four engines and land at Jakarta.

A Tax Form for the Marginally Employed

Sam Potts is a funny man. “Please do not use staples when attaching firstborn.” Duly noted.


Watch as Tetris pieces fall onto buildings, space invaders turn cabs into pixels and Donkey Kong throws barrels to the street.

20100406drhorrible.png Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog as an 8-bit Game

So much fun. Best part? You can download the soundtrack. [via @ActuallyNPH]

How to Watch Lost

Posted April 6, 2010

20100406lost.pngIt is Lost day. While most experienced Losties know these tips, I thought I’d share them so I can improve everyone’s life.

  1. On Lost-night, you need to watch it live because…
  2. You want to see the Lost-comics by beatonna and nedroid. They are consistently hilarious. You can click on the example to the right for a larger, prettier view.
  3. Immediately after, head over to Lostpedia and take note at just how quickly these folks get information up. It’s insane. Check out the page for last week’s episode.
  4. In the morning, download the latest Jay & Jack podcast. They provide a good recap and they’re funny.
  5. For a roundup of the best nonsense from around the web, visit It’s by no means a complete look, but we (yes, I contribute) always find good stuff.

That’s it! If you do these things, I promise you’ll enjoy Lost a little more (even if a few of your friends call you crazy).

Tracking Taxi Flow Across the City

This an interactive heat-map visualization of cab pickups throughout NYC over the course of a week. Be sure not to miss the accompanying article, as its chock full of goodness.

Last May, in the entire month, about 554,000 yellow taxis picked up passengers in the East Village; in Inwood at the northern end of Manhattan, pickups numbered only 860, according to the data compiled by Sense Networks.

Sense Networks produces CabSense, an iPhone app that “analyzes tens of millions of GPS data points from NYC taxis to help you find the best corner to catch a cab”.

I want to know if there is an app geared towards cabbies that would tell them where the most lucrative cab rides begin. They could probably charge a lot for that data.

Video: The Multi-Layered iPad

Posted April 2, 2010

Remember that talk I gave at SVA last month? Me too! They’ve now posted the video online, so you can watch me talking if you don’t like reading or pictures. If you prefer those, you can check out the post and see the slides.

SVA has also posted all of the videos online. I recommend you watch the other two; they were great.

Thanks to Roland Lazarte for filming our talks. It looks great.

Game Table: Just Games, No AI

On the one hand, it’s awesome that the iPad is providing a platform for a million interfaces. The ability to have dozens of simple games in your backpack is liberating for the same reason the iPod and Kindle were liberating. Packing for vacation with your kids is going to be so easy. On the other hand, do we need a $650 Scrabble machine? [via Cameron Moll]

Brandon Boyer Previews Sleep is Death

In 2007, Jason Rohrer created Passage, a game that brought art to video games in a new way. Boyer sat down with Rohrer at GDC for a preview of his new game. The game requires two players, one to play and one to be the non-artificial intelligence. Boyer’s piece is beautifully written and designed. I really love what Boing Boing is doing with publishing.

20100401dunkie.jpg A (Likely Fake) Rebranding of Dunkin Donuts

So sad this is not real as it’s a beautiful redesign.

Update (4/5/10): Indeed, it’s a fake. The creator provided some more samples though. That’s something, right?

20100401ipadarcade.jpg iCade: iPad Arcade Cabinet

Sadly, this is an April Fools joke, because it is completely awesome. And I think it’s possible, too. [via Game Set Watch]

menuBarHeatMap-i1.png_large.png Visualizing Usage of the Firefox Menu Bar

I shouldn’t be surprised by how much people still use bookmarks, but I am. I also think their decision to put cut/copy/paste “directly to the right of the Firefox button” might not be necessary. People who use the menu items probably use them in every application, so moving them to a custom place is unnecessary. [via Ben Fry]


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