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August 2009

This month I posted 3 entries, crafted 13 tweets, listened to 7 songs, watched 1 video, took 5 photos and favorited 10 things.

While My Guitar Gently Beeps

The NYT profiles the new Rock Band: Beatles. Best quote by far, "The Rock Band Network is so potentially consequential that Harmonix went to great lengths to keep its development secret, including giving it the unofficial in-house code name Rock Band: Nickelback, on the theory that the name of the quintessentially generic modern rock group would be enough to deflect all curiosity."

Break Down the Parts of Bobby McFerrin's "Just Enough"

Found this during the Great McFerrin Craze of '09. You can add and subtract different parts of the song with this flash app. It is fun. Oh, and watch him doing his rendition of the Wizard of Oz. That's fantastic.

All You Need to Know About Di Fara, 2009

If you're looking to visit one of the top pizzerias in NYC, you must read this guide. And it's funny! Kudos, Adam.

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