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June 2009

This month I posted 22 entries, crafted 24 tweets, listened to 178 songs, watched 5 videos, took 2 photos and favorited 29 things.

The Bad Tour

Posted June 26, 2009

In April 1988, I went to my first, honest-to-goodness rock show. Yes, I'd seen some other live music, but never anything like this. For my birthday, my Uncle Steve took me to see Michael Jackson perform on his Bad tour at Rosemont Horizon (now Allstate Arena) in Chicago. I remember my dad dropping me off with him during dinner at a restaurant that let you throw peanuts on the floor. I also remember being phenomenally excited.

We were sitting in our seats, waiting patiently for the show to start. The crowd was already chanting and I was getting giddy. If you've been to Rosemont, you know it can get incredibly loud. It wasn't as loud as Chicago Stadium, but it was loud. So when Michael took the stage and every single person screamed at the top of their lungs, it was deafening.

Being just barely 8 years old, unable to hear anything and having a huge LED display flashing 'BAD' at me over and over, I immediately started to cry. My uncle noticed relatively quickly and tried to smooth it over as Michael started to moonwalk. Seeing I was completely freaked, he took me outside and got me a 7-Up. The hallway was completely desolate as the world was inside watching Michael and I managed to calm down. We went back in.

The rest of the show was mostly a blur, but I distinctly remember him being in a human-sized, backlit tent doing 30-second costume changes. I'm also positive that the show was life-altering.

The photo above is from the string of Rosemont shows and the video is from the a stop in Japan

But is it Better Than Swine Flu?

Posted June 23, 2009

I saw this on the street today.

McDonald's Ad

It says, "More refreshing than open fire hydrants to the face." That's quite a high bar to set there, McDonald's. I'd like to pitch some of my own slogan ideas to you.

"More fun than a day in the cancer ward."
"Less chunky than raw sewage."
"Fewer calories than some of our extra value meals."
"Not (very) poisonous."

I'm sure I could come up with ideas for some of your other products, if these get you jazzed.

See also: Now you're eating

Fan-Made, 8-Bit Video of Kanye's "Robocop"

Posted June 18, 2009

Robocop is my favorite song off the latest album and this video with all-original artwork, created by myk31, makes me happy. There are Double Dragon, Mega-Man and Punch Out! references, to name a few. I encourage you to watch it big, in HD. I also encourage you to check out the artist's site. He's got plenty of cool illustrations.

(via Buzzfeed)

Google asks, "What's a Browser?"

They asked 50 people in Times Square and only 8% knew what one was. Of course, most of the people they asked were older, because that number seems pretty low to me. Either way, it's a good reminder than my friends are nerds. [via waxy]

Text Adventure

A blog about video game fonts by Tiff and Brilliam. I meant to link to this earlier.

The Cleveland Indians Alternate Home Jersey is Beautiful

Posted June 15, 2009

Indians Jersey 1

Indians Jersey 2

This is the second season they're wearing them, but I'm just noticing them now. Baseball uniforms are usually pretty classy, but these fauxbacks are really nice. In fact, I'm tempted to buy one of those hats, just because they look great. The only downside is the continued use of Chief Wahoo. Racism isn't cool.

If you want to see some more views, you can see the official announcement. And while they didn't really cover this explicitly, Uni Watch should satisfy any uniform curiosity you've got.

140 Edward Cullen Avatars from The Sims

He's the hunk from Twilight [via waxy]


Posted June 12, 2009

Today, this may seem like gibberish, but our children will consider this the moment in which language changed course and a new breed of linguists was born.

If others can smell you, u gotta be able to smell yourself
I farted
Can u smell dat

THE_REAL_SHAQ, 12 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

When Does a Shriek Go Too Far?

The NYT has an awesome audio clip of Michelle Larcher de Brito and her ridiculous screaming during her tennis matches. I think Jori thought I was listening to porn.

Ceci N'est Pas un Tablet

Posted June 8, 2009

Apple's developers conference begins today and we're all fairly confident they'll be a new iPhone and a release date for Snow Leopard. They'll probably be some speed bumps to hardware and some exciting new iPhone apps, but I'm not expecting a "One more thing..." Still, I think there's a "One more thing..." right around the corner — I'm convinced Apple's building a tablet.

There have been rumors floating around for a while, but I think everyone's got it a little wrong. Instead of a tablet, I'm envisioning a tablet-sized iPod. Something with a 5-7" screen that's focused on playing video and games. Instead of bringing your laptop on planes to watch movies, you'll bring the tablet. And despite Apple's insistence that people don't want to read books on their computer, it'll be the perfect size to compete with the Kindle. I also imagine they'll be a fancy dock that will charge and service as a USB hub.

It'd be great if Steve Jobs rode in on a unicorn holding this new iProduct above his head, screaming "Kneel before me, peons!" but I think this will get its own event. Anyway, if this comes to pass today or if any tablet is ever released by Apple from this point forward, be sure to credit Matt Jacobs, creator and proprietor of Capn Design.

Al Shaw Talks About the Redesign of TPM's Homepage

The site is much cleaner, but I'm really impressed by the CMS tool he created. It allows editors to try out different homepages without ever messing with templates or code. Good job, Al.

Looking at the Artwork for The Shepherd's Dog

It's a fantastic album cover. It's nice to see some more information about it. Oh, and it was painted by Mr. Iron & Wine himself, Sam Beam.

Slap Chop Hip Hop

Guaranteed this will be in your head. [via maniacal rage]

Video Game Soaps

As Dan told me, "when I have my video game room, these will go in the bathroom." Indeed, they will.

Mr. T Sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I happened to be watching this game and it was awesome. Of course he can't sing, but it was far more entertaining than most attempts.

The Shrine Rack

Not on sale, but a beuatiful way to show off your sneakers. I'd buy a couple if I could.

The Photography of Geovanny Verdezoto

Posted June 2, 2009


Last month, Jori and I went to see the work on display at this year's NY Photo Festival. Like the previous event, there was only one artist who really stood out. Last year was Jeffrey Milstein and this year I was enamored with the work of Geovanny Verdezoto.

Geovanny is a 25 year-old photographer from Ecuador, but that's about all I could find about him. I do know that his photographs on display were expansive, panoramic shots. They look like 360°ree; shots, but I wonder if they're stitched togther at all. The one above was on display and is my favorite, but there are few more on his site.

Finally, here's a Google-translated interview with the photographer. I wanted to hear about how he created the photos, but I'll take some insight into his inspiration instead.

Old Jews Telling Jokes

Yep, this is what it sounds like. Some are funny, most are just fun to watch.

2009 NYC Bike Maps are Out

The city has added 200 miles of bike lanes in the last 3 years.

Perch: A Lightweight CMS

Seems like a good option for sites that just need basic text entry. I love that you can call a Perch PHP variable in your document and the field shows up in the admin interface.

Comparing Teen Females and Male-to-Female Transsexuals

These photographic comparisons are certainly thought-provoking. It seems obvious, but I'd never really thought to compare these two groups. Time to dig up some studies with more words. [via kottke]

Project Natal is Xbox 360's New Motion-Sensing, Face-Recognizing, Voice-Controllable Peripheral

It won't be out this year, but there's a lot of potential here. Each piece has been done in various ways, but the video demo shows a seamless experience. I'm hopeful the product lives up to everyone's high expectations.

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