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March 2009

This month I posted 8 entries, crafted 20 tweets, listened to 224 songs, watched 14 videos, bookmarked 2 sites, took 9 photos and favorited 16 things.


Posted March 28, 2009

Seriously, this nearly made me jack and liz at the same time (see the full episode for definitions).

Is 24 Good This Season?

Posted March 26, 2009

20090326twentyfour.jpgI've been watching this show for its entire run and I've finally started to lose interest this year. I've stayed dedicated despite the last two mediocre seasons, but it's been a MacGuffin-filled mess this year and I'm getting bored. My breaking point occurred when Juma, the First Boss, stormed the White House by SWIMMING BELOW IT. Really 24? Really?

Despite my apathy, it seems everyone else thinks the show has returned to its former glory, which I don't understand, but their excitement gives me hope. Can any of you convince me that I'm wrong? What, other than inertia, is keeping you glued to your screens each week?

Better Place Has an Ambitious Plan to Kill Gas-Powered Engines

David Pogue interviews Shai Agassi, the founder of Better Place, which is building a network of plug-in stations and electric cars. They have an unusual model. "We sell miles, the way that AT&T sells you minutes. They buy bandwidth and they translate into minutes. We buy batteries and clean electrons-we only buy electrons that come from renewable sources-and we translate that into miles." The interviews a great read and I can't help but get excited by his pie-in-the-sky plans.

Unicef's Landmine Ad Campaign

A circular photo of a sidewalk is on the adhesive side of a sticket and is placed on the ground. It sticks to someone's foot and reveals a photo of a landmine on the other side. That would get my attention


Posted March 17, 2009


Digging this logo by Michael Beirut, done by Pentagram for the Library Initiative.

The Library Initiative "a range of talented architects would design the libraries; private companies would donate books and funds; and we would provide the graphic design, including signage, wayfinding, and a masterbrand that would tie all the sites together." It's a part of the Robin Hood Foundation, which is building new school libraries throughout NYC.

Deliciously Cute Hamburger Cupcakes

These are really well done. I'm going to try and do these one day and show you how "awesome" mine look in comparison. [via AHT]

Medley of Hip-Hop Songs Turned Into Chiptunes

Really, this may be the best thing I've heard all year. So awesome. DJ, you better reblog this.

Rocky Mountain News' Farewell Video

After nearly 150 years, the paper shuts its doors.

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