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October 2007

This month I posted 9 entries, crafted 7 tweets, listened to 150 songs, bookmarked 3 sites and took 42 photos.

The Superest:

Illustrators create new characters that defeat the previous character (e.g. Broco-lee to The Deep Friar to The Taste Burglar)

Turning Spam Titles into Text-Based Illustration

It doesn't really matter what they say; they're purdy.

Murakami's Exhibit at MOCA in LA

Hmm, flights are cheap these days...

Riveting Tale of the Quest to Beat the Cannonball Run Record

Two men attempted the fastest drive from NY to LA was 32 hours, 7 minutes and they had to average 90mph the entire way to beat it. I freaking loved this article. RIYL: Heat-sensors for police cruisers, 150 hours of plotting the best course and reckless endangerment

Call and Response

Super trippy 3x3 video grid of classic commercial played a second apart [via waxy]

Why Your Cellphone Headset is Always in a Tangle

I'm always amazed how knotted up it becomes after a day in my pocket.

What Side is the Gas Tank On?

When you look at the gas icon on your dashboard, the location of the hose shows you where your tank is. Who knew!?!


Beautiful images from a thesis project aiming to promote a conversion to the metric system. You can also read an interview with Amy Wang, the author of the project.

Artificial Corneas Save Eyesight

The eye tissue actually latches onto the contact lens-like device.

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