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September 2007

This month I posted 18 entries, crafted 12 tweets, listened to 112 songs, watched 3 videos, bookmarked 5 sites, took 3 photos and favorited 1 thing.

Goodbye Tivo, Hello DirecTV

Posted September 28, 2007

In a recent post, I lamented the evils of Time Warner and their CableCards. The gist: they didn't work. I had them replaced five times and they were still broken when I gave up. So, I cut my losses and moved on.

The biggest problem was leaving behind my Tivo Series3 (if you want it, I'm selling it below). I love it dearly and spent a pretty penny on it, but what good is it if it doesn't work? The good news is that DirecTV's HD DVR, the HR20, has almost all the same features and it works. If you're considering making the switch the only drawback is the lackluster interface and nothing like TivoToGo or Tivo Desktop, which are coming to Series3 soon, supposedly).

Even better is that I convinced DirecTV to give me the Sunday Ticket deal (pay for NFL Sunday Ticket, get 4 months of free programming), a free HD DVR (normally $300) and a free upgrade to the Sunday Ticket SuperFan package. As another bonus, I got a $100 rebate check in the mail today. In the end, I will make money on this deal.

Buy My Series3

While this post was primarily a bitchfest, I did love my Series3. There was nothing wrong with the box itself, just the hardware it relied on. If you're interested in buying it from me, I bought it in January for $650 and paid another $200 to transfer the lifetime service (which follows the box, not the owner). They're going for $600 new on Amazon right now. Make a good offer and it's yours. I'll even ship it for free. You can email me at capn (oot) capndesign {doot} com.

Peeping on Voyeurs in the Park

Jason rounds up info on photographer Kohei Yoshiyuki who took pictures with an infrared flash of peeping toms peeping in the park. The audio slideshow is the highlight.

Video: There's a Party in My Tummy! So Yummy! So Yummy!

I song from Nickelodeon's show Yo Gabba Gabba! [via modern age]

The New, Typographically Painful, $5 Bill

I think the value of the dollar must be based on the quality of its design. Utility isn't everything.

Jellyfish Lake

Be sure to watch the video. Ridiculous.

Tree Photos Framed by Huge Backdrops

I'm loving these photos by Myoung Ho Lee. I want to buy a huge one.

Jay Parinson MD: House Calls and Web-based Consultations for the Uninsured

Sure, it'll cost you $500/year, but unlimited web consultations is pretty sweet. It's also a good choice for hypochondriacs.

100 Person Flashmob Chases/ConfusesPeople

Big smiles here. I could watch this for hours. [via Chris Glass]

Machine Distributes Ice Cream Based on Your Unhappiness

It determines your unhappiness based on your voice inflection [via boing boing gadgets]

Panic PIN for ATMs

Posted September 11, 2007

At 11pm last night I remembered my laundry was ready to be picked up from good ole Mr. Wash-n-Fold. Despite being cashless, I had to venture out since I'm leaving town and need some clothes. As I walked down the desolate streets of downtown Brooklyn, a crazy garbageman thought it would be funny to gun his engine at me while I crossed the street. I shook my head, he yelled obscenities and I walked away mildly paranoid that he was coming after me with a broken bottle and a tire iron.

Thankfully he wasn't, but as I took out more than my usual ATM bounty, I realized a panic PIN number would be terribly useful. If someone had followed me at bottle-point, I could have entered my bank's panic PIN. The ATM would then say it's out of cash and alert the police. Maybe, in a distant more connected future, it would stream the video from the ATM camera straight to the police station. Since this doesn't yet exist, I took solace in my spry legs and knowledge of convenient hiding spots.

Unsurprisingly, I'm not the the first think of this, but it's still a great idea.

The Electric Table

A UK company built a table with outlets placed along the edges. More sexy, fewer wires on the ground.

Astor Place Recreated at Burning Man

A few folks at Burning Man built the subway entrance, giant cube and other features of Manhattan's Astor Place intersection. [via gothamist]

Helvetica the Movie Starts its Run at IFC Center on Wednesday

They've also got director Gary Hustwit, editor Shelby Siegel, Michael Bierut and Tobias Frere-Jones coming in for Q&As.

Watch NFL Games Online for Free

This is almost certainly illegal, but this provides instructions for watching NFL games via SOPcast and the TVUplayer. I used a similar setup during the World Cup last year and it was far better than nothing.

Video: Stop the Bullets. Kill the Gun.

A highly effective UK ad for gun control. [via Very Short List]

NFL Broadcast Maps

I may have linked to this before, but check here to find out what games are playing on your local stations each week.

Video: Sunny In Philadelphia Crew Spoofs Lasse Gjertsen's "Hyperactive"

Can't wait for the new season...

Apple Notes: Subway Rides, Announcements, NBC

Posted September 5, 2007

iPhone on the Subway

Yesterday on the subway ride home, I fired up ye olde iPhone to watch Rebels of the Neon God. It's a Taiwanese film and I had ripped it with the english subtitles, which I've learned has its plusses and minuses. It's wonderful to have subtitles when your A train squeals around a corner and the volume on your iPhone can go no higher, but when you're leaning against the door and forced to avoid oncoming passengers, you best know Mandarin or you'll miss a chunk of dialogue.

Eventually I got a seat and a guy in an white, oxford shirt and khakis plopped down next to me (I was wearing jeans and a threadless shirt). He pulled out his Zune and started up 300. [Insert joke here]

The Announcements Today

I've been waiting for a 120GB iPod for over a year (my 3G is in a sad state). If it's widescreen and $350, you'll see me at the Apple Store within 10 minutes. I'm curious about the other stuff, but I don't think they'll any big surprises. My left field prediction? The first update (1.1) to the iPhone software will be the first big announcement.

NBC Ruminations

With all the talk about NBC pulling out of iTunes, I thought I'd bring up Capn Design's most popular post ever — The Cost of A La Carte Television. A year and a half ago I compared the cost of watching every show via iTunes and having a regular cable subscription. It cost nearly half as much to just call up your cable company and get a box. Granted, this was before they announced the Season Pass, but at prices of $25-$35 cable would still be cheaper.

And if you actually clicked through, you're probably thinking "Love Monkey?!?" Fair enough, but it had only aired a couple episodes and I am a huge fan of Ed.

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