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July 2007

This month I posted 23 entries, crafted 19 tweets, listened to 347 songs, bookmarked 3 sites, took 10 photos and favorited 16 things.

Serious Eats' Sushi Roll

Ed Levine and co. bust out the best sushi joints in NYC. Time to save up and eat something raw.

It's Looking Official: Honda is Bringing a 63 mpg Accord to the US by 2010

I mentioned a hint of this in a recent post, but Honda's got a clean-burning Diesel Accord that seems destined for our shores. If this comes out in Fall of 2009, I might just buy one. [via Tree Hugger]

Seadragon Makes Me Coo

Posted July 31, 2007

At least year's TED Conference, Blaise Aguera y Arcas demoed some new technology coming out of Microsoft labs. The software being released is called Photosynth, which is pretty cool in its own right, but I was really excited by its underlying technology. Paraphrasing, Seadragon lets you interact with vast amounts of visual data. It doesn't matter how big the collections are or how big the images are. The only thing that limits your performance is the number of pixels on your screen. The moment I cooed was when he zoomed in on a block of text that turned out to be Bleak House in its entirity. More importantly it wasn't an image of text, it was actual text.

Seeing this in video, which you can do below, makes it clear how this could Greatly improve the computing experience. You can start with a bunch of thumbnails of everything in a folder and just keep zooming in to use it, instead of having to open an application. It would make the experience completely seamless. The software probably wouldn't have advanced word processing or image manipulation built in, but software providers could potentially create a hook into Seadragon so you can have the power of Photoshop built into your finder application.

Enough talk though, check out the video and see what I mean.

The Devil Came On Horseback

A film about Marine Cpt. Brian Steidle and his investigative trip to Darfur in September 2004. One of his field reports eventually ran in the Washington Post in March 2005, which opened American's eyes to the crisis. His photos are striking and Jori highly recommends the film.

In Defense of Bear Grylls

Posted July 29, 2007

20070729bear.jpgEarlier this week, it came out that the star of Man vs. Wild and the production team have been staying in hotels during survival challenges. Since the show purports that star Bear Grylls (supposedly that's his actually name) is toughing it out on his own, many are upset that the show is not 100% real.

To those people I say, do you see that rectangular glowing box in front of you? It's a television and very rarely shows anyone's real life. Did you consider the camera crew with him and what would happen if Bear were in danger? Do you think Bear is an expert in every area he visits or do you think maybe he gets some help?

The show is about explaining how to deal with extreme situations and I'd rather see him in the field with a little help than in the hospital battling dehydration. If he has to spend some time in a hotel, fine by me. I'm sure that I'm better off with his tips than I am without.

MP3: Super Furry Animals' "Run Away"

This is from their upcoming album Hey Venus! which comes out Auust 28th. The song is awesome and I can't wait for the whole record [via Gorilla vs. Bear]

Sole Survivor of African Tribe Gives Up $5bil to Protect the Land

He's sitting on uranium-rich land, but chooses to preserve his tribe's history. [via ze]

Trailer for The Darjeeling Limitied

The new film from Wes Anderson. I love Wes, but the trailer makes me think he's becoming today's Woody Allen. I'm sure it'll be fun, but the formula may be running dry. Fantastic Mr. Fox should shake things up in 2009.

Segway Steadicams

I saw one of these while watching the end of the U.S. Open yesterday. This is definitely the best use for a segway yet.

Sitting in the Back of a Plane is Safer

They looked at 20 crashes where there were some survivors and found that sitting in the back is definitely safer.

Checkers Has Been Solved

There are 5x1024 possible outcomes and a computer figured out all the winning ones.

How I Read the Approval Matrix

Posted July 19, 2007

One of my favorite features of New York Magazine is the Approval Matrix. They place a bunch of items on a two-dimentional axis with Brilliant/Despicable on the x-axis and Lowbrow/Highbrow on the Y-axis. I've always wondered if everyone else reads it like I do. So, I thought I'd show you how I read it. Here is this week's matrix if you want to check it out yourself.


Errol Morris is Blogging for the Times

He'll be writing about photos [via sippey]

TV Packaging that Turns into a Stand

It actually looks pretty good to. Yay designers!

Video: Graphic Design via Trampoline

It's an art project of some kind and it's totally mesmerizing. I love the progression bar. [via Good Experience]

Sign of the Times

How Pentagram created the 10,116 pt logo for NYT's new building without blocking any views

Video: Trailer for the New Film Produced by J.J. Abrams

Saw it before Transformers and got really excited.

Vote for Emaline!

My sister's dog, who is the cutest dog I know, is up for Brooklyn's Top Dog. Please vote for her by leaving a comment. This video might help convince you.

Creative Designs Incorporating the Hole in CDs

[via core 77]

Telekinesis: An Awesome iPhone App from the Creator of Quicksilver

This app is ridiculous. It turns your iPhone into a remote control for your Mac. You can create apps and there are a few included (e.g. controlling iTunes, iSight image capture). Gonna try it out when I get home tonight. [via John Zeratsky]

iPhone: The Musical

David Pogue does another brilliant video. The man-on-the-street singers were the best. [via tien]

Font Clock by Established and Sons

I had my credit card out until I saw the unfortunate price. Here's hoping Ikea makes a knock-off.

Video: iPhone Day on Super Deluxe

Definitely the best iPhone-related comedy I've experienced [via What Do I Know?]

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