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May 2007

This month I posted 19 entries, crafted 8 tweets, listened to 345 songs, watched 6 videos, bookmarked 7 sites, took 1 photo and favorited 1 thing.

Wiimbledon: The World's First Wii Tennis Tournament

I'll probably be unavailable, but you should totally rock your Wii Tennis skills. And if you think you can beat me, I dare you to come to my house...

MP3: New Lupe Fiasco Track with Pharrell over a Thom Yorke Track
I'm Not a Whino, But I'm Totally in Love with Wine Library TV
Finger Length Predicts Test Scores

"[Researchers] found a clear link between high prenatal testosterone exposure, indicated by the longer index finger compared to the ring finger, and higher scores on the math SAT."

Helix: A Skyscraper with Only One Long Corkscrewing Floor

The author proposes no elevators, only moving walkways, to move office workers the 12 miles it takes to reach the top. I think you could figure out a way to include elevators. [via kottke]

Passive-Agressive Notes

Lots of "don't pee on the toilet notes", but it's always funny when people are angry at someone who isn't you.

Songs for Ice Cream Trucks

Alternate versions of the Mr. Softee theme song, from Michael Hearst of One Ring Zero. "The Sprinkle Twinkle" is my favorite.

Video: How to Give the Perfect Man Hug

"Lean back ever so slightly. This is a non-threatening stance, making it clear you are not about to attack."

Matthew Fluxblog Rounds Up Blogs That Discuss Every Song in a Band's Catalog

Mmmm, Talking Heads

Do Research: A Modern Prefab Process Document

Lotsa pictures of prefab houses, which you probably know I love.

Nike SB Fly Milk Blazer Premium

Matty wants.

Wearing a Helmet Leads to Cars Driving Closer to Cyclists

Their headline says "Wearing a helmet puts cyclists at risk", but they have no evidence of greater injury. I'd rather have a car come 3.3" closer to me than get doored without a helmet on.

28 Weeks Later is Getting Good Reviews

I really want to see it. I lurved first one.

The Long Take

A collection of great, long tracking shots with explanation.

The Minisode Sounds Promising

Posted May 6, 2007

Youtube and its siblings have introduced the world to the 3 to 5 minute video and big media has noticed. Last week Sony announced they would start to produce 3 to 5 minute versions of old tv shows for the web. Some of the early shows will be TJ Hooker and Charlie's Angels.

Neither of these shows should have been 60 minutes in the first place, so I'm totally behind this. Sure, it's blatant money-grubbing but these shows will be fun to watch (assuming they're supported by advertising and don't cost money).

That being said, I'd rather see big media companies making original, well-produced minisodes. While there's some great comedy coming out of Acceptable TV and Super Deluxe, the production quality is (intentionally) low. I want to see something more.

The beauty of releasing content on the web is the lack of a programming schedule; shows don't have to fit into a grid. I see this as an opportunity to cut costs on critically acclaimed shows that didn't work with the traditional model, like Arrested Development. If the show had come back for a fourth season on the web, they could have done 30 ten minute episodes. This would have shaved costs significantly and their young viewer base would likely have followed (I know I would have).

It seems just a matter of time before big media tries something like this. Asynchronous content delivery allows for so many options and we're likely to see some great innovation over the next couple years. I have a feeling some of the riskier ideas out there might survive just a little bit longer.

Improve Your Photography with Classical Art

It uses a Photoshop command called "Match Color" and it's pretty frickin' cool.

Flip-book Style Ads on Moving Trains

Posted May 3, 2007

Apperceptive recently added a new member to the team and she's already giving me great info. She's currently riding the PATH train to work and mentioned that they have these crazy flipbook style ads in the subways. As you pass by in the dark tunnel, there are a series of images pasted to the wall. Like a flip-book, the images in succession look like a movie. This video should give you a better idea of what I mean.

I have yet to see this in person but I'm completely awed by the concept. I might (gasp!) take a trip on the PATH just to check it out.

Update: I just found out that this was invented by Josh Spodek and the company he founded is Submedia. The sites have tons of info and some more videos. It turns out I have two friends who know Josh. Small world!

Map of Online Communities

I'm definitely somewhere in the Blogipeligo

This Laptop Bag is Nice, But Too Businessy for Me

Thusly, if you are businessy, you should get this bag. It's loaded.

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