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April 2007

This month I posted 17 entries, crafted 23 tweets, listened to 319 songs, watched 1 video, bookmarked 7 sites, took 26 photos and favorited 1 thing.

Two New Fonts Inspired by Superman Cartoons of the 40s from Mark Simonson

Classy and affordable

Video: The Best Commercial Ever Created

Because it's Friday, here is my favorite commercial of all time, a spec ad for Nutri-Grain. "Babies Everywhere!"

Video: Beautiful Animated Lip-Sync of Radiohead's Creep

Sure, it's depressing, but the "ooooh" factory easily trumps the sadness.

Photos of the Artwork at the 2007 I Am 8-Bit Art Show

I am 8-Bit is an annual show of video game inspired art.

Topoware, a Topographically-inspired Dinette Set

It's currently on display at the Milan Furniture Fair, but you can see more in their flickr photo pool. [via moco loco]

Internet Creators: Take A List Apart's Web Design Survey

No one has really bothered to gather data on web developers, so be like me, get your ass in gear and become another row in the database!

Despite a Disfiguring Disease, Roger Ebert Refuses to Miss his Annual Film Festival

"We spend too much time hiding illness. There is an assumption that I must always look the same. I hope to look better than I look now. But I’m not going to miss my festival." Roger's courage is inspirational.

A Redesign of the NYC Subway Map

While it's hard to compare them online, I'd like the names of the stations to be darker. Aside from that, I think it's a definite improvement on the current design and combines the best of maps from the early 70s and today. [via Swiss Miss]

Comparing Fast Food Advertising to the Real Thing

I actually wanted to do this as a guerrilla art project, replacing posters with versions that use real food instead of those built by food artists.

Go See Hot Fuzz

Posted April 20, 2007


Last week I had the very lucky opportunity to see a preview screening of Hot Fuzz, the new film from the minds that brought you Shaun of the Dead, followed by a Q&A with the three masterminds behind the film (thanks for the heads up, Dan). I am a huge fan of Shaun and I thought this movie was easily better. It was tighter, funnier and better produced. It's probably the best comedy I've seen this decade.

And so, I am here to urge you to go see the film. Not for me, but for the children. They need to hear tales of how this movie changed your life. Oh, if you hate going to movies alone, I volunteer to see this film up to 5 times. Now I will go as you've likely already started purchasing your tickets online. Well done.

The End of a 1,400 Year-Old Business

A family-owned Japanese temple building company calls it quits [via kottke]

Muji's New Pre-Fab Home

I would like to see it in person, but the layouts and photos look nice [via youngna]

Bookmans and the Used Magazine

Posted April 9, 2007

20070409bookmans.gifFor Passover I traveled to Tucson with Jori. Aside from quality family time and delicious food (more on that later), we visited a fantastic bookstore called Bookmans. Bookmans peddles only used media and has a great selection. It's incredibly well organized for a used goods store and has fantastic staff (had answers to all my questions and thensome).

My favorite feature, by far, is their used magazine section. You can bring in your used magazines — everyday magazines, although they have collectibles as well — and they give you hold hard cash. Then they resell most of the magazines for half the original price, older time-sensitive mags for much less (fifty cents) and some for a bit more than half (stuff like Readymade). Since I was eager to see Time's new design but wasn't going to pay five bucks for the privelege, I bought the latest issue for $2.50 and an older one for $.50.

In addition to magazines, we found half a dozen books we'd been meaning to pick up for half-price. If you're a book junkie and in Tucson or Phoenix, it's a worthy stop.

Design Grad Student Puts Up Official-looking Signs About the Homeless in Toronto

e.g. "Please keep our streets clean, over 818 people have to sleep on them." [via John]

Explaining the Long Takes in Children of Men

[via Chris Glass, again]

Fun Site for Miranda July's New Book

It's called No One Belongs Here More Than You [via Chris Glass]

Apple TV Wishlist

Hits all my needs except for divx support [via Daring Fireball]

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