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June 2005

This month I posted 16 entries, listened to 1386 songs, watched 6 videos, bookmarked 6 sites, took 24 photos and favorited 2 things.

Best Albums of 2004 I've Discovered in 2005

Posted June 30, 2005

Like most music nerds, I compile a list of my favorite albums at the end of each year (here is last year's). Despite the definitive sound of "Best Albums," I don't stop considering the quality of 2004 releases when the ball drops on New Year's Eve. Thus, I present you with my top ten releases from 2004 that I have purchased since the year ended.

1. Aberfeldy - Young Forever

My friend Robbie found an mp3 of theirs by accident while cleaning out his hard drive and, thankfully, shared it with me. I'm pretty sure the song was "Heliopolis by Night," which would explained why I'm completely hooked on this Scottish band. Some would call this twee, but since I don't really know what that means I'm just going to say it's good, light-weight pop. Light, bubbly and aurally delicious.

Official Site
MP3: Love is an Arrow

2. Final Fantasy - Has A Good Home

Owen Pallett, sort-of member of Arcade Fire, is Final Fantasy. I discovered Final Fantasy while in Canada, visiting Robbie no less. The record is almost exclusively Owen and his violin, yet it still manages to be indie rock somehow. Bottomline is that the songs are awesome, my favorite being "Please Please Please."

Official Site
MP3: Please Please Please

3. David Byrne - Grown Backwards

I am a huge Talking Heads fan. It happened relatively recently, but they are definitely one of my favorite bands. Despite this, Grown Backwards is my first David Byrne solo record. I like this record as much as any Talking Heads disc and I'm scared that it's setting the bar too high for Byrne's solo releases. I know this, at least: his records will never be as cute or awkward as his speaking engagements.

Official Site (his blog)
Song Samples

4. The Zutons - Who Killed the Zutons?

I see their name and think of the Zambonis, but these guys are much better (not to knock the 'bonis). I like them for all the same reasons I like the Coral; they've got an unusal, throw-back sound and tons of energy. I'm surprised I never caught on to them when their record was released.

Official Site
MP3: Moons and Horror Shows

5. The Go! Team - Thunder Lightning Strike

This is one of those albums that just finds itself playing all of the time. Before I knew it I had racked up double-digit spins in iTunes. They're most definitely a party band, which usually only works really well live but the record is tons of fun and well produced.

Official Site
MP3: Huddle Formation

6. Death From Above 1979 - You're a Woman I'm a Machine

Loud and in-your-face, which is something you need every now and then. Since I'm not a metal-head, I don't have enough records in my collection for the times when I need to open my windows and let the music blare. This fills my need.

Official Site
"MP3": Little Girl

7. Jens Lekman - When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog

I was dragged along to a Jens show early this year because I had nothing else to do and his name was nifty. I got into the show for free, which loosened me up a bit, but Jens would have won me over either way. His delivery and lyrics seduce you. Although I know this is his thing, and he knows it too, I don't care. I'm willing to suspend belief and get sucked in by his songs.

Official Site
MP3: You Are the Light

8. Feist - Let it Die

I guess this officially come out this year in the U.S., but she's been all over the place for a while. Anyway, I flat out missed the boat on this one last year. Sometimes she's a little lounge-singery for me, but it hasn't stopped me from listening to the album...a lot.

Official Site
MP3: Inside and Out

9. The Futureheads - The Futureheads

I've gone back and forth with the Futureheads, thinking that I don't like them, wanting to not like them, but when I take the plunge and start listening I usually listen twice in a row. When I imagine myself as a hip, punk-rocker hanging out on the streets of London, I picture the Futureheads as my crew. They'd totally have my back.

Official Site
MP3: Meantime

10. The Hidden Cameras - Mississauga Goddam

Seeing as these guys are Canadian, it once again comes back to Robbie. He has been extolling the quality of the Cameras to me for a while now, but it finally stuck. Their newest record is beautiful and the songwriting is incredible. While listening again today, I also begrudgingly admit that fans of Belle and Sebastian might like these guys. Oh, and the record has strings, which is always cool.

Official Site
"MP3": I Believe

Urgent: Join Me to See the Eels

Posted June 29, 2005

So, Jori was going to join me to see the Eels tomorrow night, but she can't now. Does anyone want to come?

The tickets were $30 but I'll take whatever you're willing to contribute. It's at Webster Hall. It'll be fun. Shoot me an email or leave me a comment.

Update: You guys missed out. The show was awesome. Can you say four encores? No joke. The last one was done in pajamas.

Cubs Pitching is OOC

Posted June 28, 2005

The Cubs completed their second straightsecond straight shut-out tonight, which continues their run of 25 scoreless innings. During those innings they've only allowed 6 hits. I love it.

I know it's only three games, but it's nice to see our pitching make it's way back to normal. Here's to hoping that Kerry's first start after returning from injury can be as successful as Prior's. I have faith.

Go Cubs go.

Uh, what? (i didn't see any nudity, but the outfits are a bit risque)

Baseball Prospectus Says No Triple Crown for Lee

Bah, don't rain on my parade. Although, the bit about Neifi and Corey is pretty convincing. Come on Hendry, make some magical trades!

My Fake Season

Not wanting to wait for next year, a Bulls fan simulates the season using NBA Live and keeps track of it all.

Chill Out About Grokster

Posted June 28, 2005

Yes, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against Grokster, but it's not as bad as you think. Many are stoking a fire, claiming that the justices are shooting the messanger, but that's not exactly true. Here's a quote from the Reuters artical linked above, "We hold that one who distributes a device with the object of promoting its use to infringe copyright ... is liable for the resulting acts of infringement by third parties." (emphasis mine)

Yes, they are placing blame on Grokster, but it's because they claimed to be just a protocol while promoting the illegal activities possible with their service. Everyone who gets it understands that Grokster is purely a means to distribute bits and bytes, but those same people need to understand that it is illegal to promote theft.

I'm not trying to take a moral high ground, I just want people to understand that this decision isn't as bad as it sounds. Om Malik does a great job of summing up why we need to chill the fuck out. Read that and you'll be put at ease, probably.

I Miss Film

Posted June 20, 2005

On Friday, I went to check out NYC Photobloggers 4 at the Apple Store. Aside from learning about a few really great photographers (Travis Ruse, Raul Gutierrez were my faves) and hearing from some old faves, I began to reminisce about my days with film. You just can't get the same colors and sharpness with digital and I'm longing for some beautiful prints.

That being said, I'm a little weary to go back, especially when I take a look at what Keith is bringing on a trip. That's a lot of film and I'm sure it wasn't cheap. Still, it'll hopefully remind about what it was like when I had to be frugal with my shots. Hopefully, it'll make me a little more focused.

Despite my fondness for film, I don't know that I'm ready to go back. It takes me long enough to get digital stuff online and that requires zero scanning. So, I'll probably find a special occasion and break out my Elan soon, but not quite yet.

Of course, if I ever take off on a summer road trip with no destination in mind, which is always a possiblity, I'm gonna get myself something in the medium format range. I love landscapes and I'll need more celluloid if I'm gonna capture that.

Potential Ramifications of GTA: San Adreas Sex Mode


Posted June 19, 2005

I'm totally exhausted, but I did it. I went to 7 movies today. I started at noon and the last film let out just before 3am. Many of the movies were good, but there wasn't much exciting about the experience itself. I'll talk more about it tomorrow, when I can think/see properly.

Recap of the original movie marathon
Recap of movie marathon III

Best of Unnecessary Censorship (Video)

Wow, the Richard Simmons one was hilarious

Off to Seattle

Posted June 10, 2005

In 8 hours, I'll be on a plane to Seattle. I haven't been back there for about four years, when my cousin had his Bar Mitzvah. Jori's never been before. To boot, I get two days off for the little-known Jewish holiday of Shavuot. All of this means a trip.

It'll be extra sweet as I bought the ticket on miles and I'm staying with my uncle, which means I'll probably spend as much there as I would have here. I'm excited and I hope to take a lot of photos.

But now, to bed. In the meantime, check out my photos from the Coral show last night. It was an awesome show.

It's a Good News/Bad News Morning

Posted June 8, 2005

Good News: I rode my bike to work today and I got here in my fastest time: 45 minutes. I'm excited about that.

Bad News: I left my work clothes at home. Yeah. So I'm sitting at my desk in sweaty shorts and t-shirt. I'll be going to Gap in about 25 minutes.

Bait Car

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