YarmuklausI can't believe it. Last year the OC invented Chrismukkah and it was beatiful. A melding of Christmas and Hannukah that brought us all together. Well, the purity of Chrismukkah is finished. Fox has tainted it by selling all kinds of shwag.

Did you see that Yarmuklaus on last week's episode? Well now you can buy it for $15.95. They also have a $46 dollar photo album, Chrismukkah cards and tons of wrapping paper. It's really just too bad. This holiday used to mean something.

The only reason I can allow this at all is because this season of the O.C. has been great so far. Every week it's a new crisis which is partially resolved by the end and it rules. It's like it jumps the shark every week. Hell, I think this show is the shark but that's why it's fantastic. Pure and simple, it is my guilty pleasure. Well done Fox.

If you haven't seen the show, here are some bittorrent links to download a few episodes.