I attended Gothamist's Movable Hype event this evening with Karen. Before I talk about the event, I'll tell you that we went to Great New York Noodletown to start things off, and it was good. I'd like to go one more time before I give it a heartfelt recommendation.

In regards to Movable Hype, I had a good time even if things did not start out promising. This event was a four-band concert at the Knitting Factory with proceeds going towards the NYC Public Schools, which is good. The first band was one person who calls himself "The Fresh," and he was not good. At best, he was the bad/offensive lovechild of John Mayer and Dave Matthews. I was not feeling it. But, go to his site and decide for yourself.

The next band was The Sons of Sound, who I liked. They had a very epic, Tears-for-Fears-like quality. At one point I thought it sounded like Bono fronting God Speed! You Black Emperor, but then I realized that was crazy. Sons of Sounds lead singer has a great voice and their sound is interesting. I'll definitely keep tabs on them.

I took a break after their set and chatted with Karen and Aaron about movies and Aaron's recent encounter with a lamb-burger-enduced grease fire. I also got to meet a few other people whom I've never seen face to face. The Real Janelle was nice and gave me some pointers on architecture school, which I'm considering.

Back into the venue I go to check out Snowden. They could have gone either way, but in the end I wasn't really that into it. They did help me to realize that the revival of the 80s will indeed be real and I'm hoping that we can move on fairly quickly. This sound is already becoming too commonplace.

I missed out on seeing Asobi Seksu, as I was pooped, but I'll check them out later online. The event was fun and I helped a good cause, but it's clear that Gothamist is building an empire. Sponsoring cultural events and aiming to open up three more locations means they are taking over. It'll be interesting to see where all of this takes them. If you don't feel like watching, I'll take notes and let you know.