Early in the summer, my friend Jen and I decided we wanted a way to bring together our friends to watch movies. We envisioned something like a book club, but with films instead novels. And thus, Cinema Ahh*Some was born.

Next week we will be watching our tenth film, An American in Paris, and I thought I'd bring the group to the next level. I have a launched a companion website, Cinema Ahh*Some: The Blog. One of the problems with watching our films during the week is that we don't have much time to discuss it. So, we turned to the web. Additionally, the site will allow people who can't make a screening, because they live out of town or have something else to do, to participate, which should liven up discussion.

The blog is still young, but it will contain discussion from our films and information about upcoming events. Currently, we have a little bit of discussion from our last film, Plan 9 From Outer Space, which was not as exciting as we'd hoped, but worth seeing. Even though it's horrible, you owe it to yourself to see what's considered the worst film of all time.

If you're interested in watching the films with the group in NYC, send an email to cinema_ahhsome-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join our mailing list (you can also see when we're meeting on the website, but this list has contact and venue information). If you'd like to watch movies on your own and contribute to the blog, and I'll get you going.