On the way to work, I thought about the word Blaxploitation. It's an obvious combination of two words, black and exploitation. Anyone could see that, but it got me thinking about the man or woman who first used the word. Someone had to have created it and I'm sure that William Safire knows who that is. I envy the creator but I think I could do it too.

I am excellent at combining words. Just last night some friends and I were deciding between thai and chinese food. Immediately I tried to placate everyone by offering either Thainese or Chai food. See? See how good those combinations are?

So, if I can just be in the right place at the right time, I think I could create a word that would stick. My best attempt ever was not a combination, but a refashioning of a word. I thought the word boolean could became the next awesome. For instance, "That shit's so boolean." It didn't work out. Thus, I shall combine words and hope for some good luck.

If you have any thainese food anytime soon, you'll know who created that wonderful word.