I spent my Saturday at Coney Island experiencing this year's Siren Festival. I couldn't go last year do to a fishing trip, and I was annoyed about missing it. Now, I'm not so upset.

My largest complaint, and really the only thing that made it a bad experience, was the horrific sound. I'm not sure if it was any good closer to the stage, but if you were 100 yards back, like 70% of the audience was, then you could hear the bass and a little bit of singing. If you enjoy guitars or keyboards, you're pretty much screwed. This is why I only listened to 10 minutes of And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead even though they were the one band I really wanted to see. I almost enjoyed TV on the Radio because the crowd was slightly smaller, but I'm going to have to see them again in a more controlled environment. I know I shouldn't be complaining, it being free and all, but between the crappy sound and the throngs of hipsters clogging up the joing, I couldn't have fun.

Speaking of hipsters*, it was kind of funny to see so many people who pride themselves on being original in the same place. They all looked more or less the same. It almost looked like they had uniforms on. Do you think they felt self-conscious about it? We'll never know.

Back to the concert though. I think they should charge $15 next year. I would definitely pay that much to see all these bands and it would help them to use a better sound company and would knock out a few thousand people. Then, I would be happy. If things stay the same next year then I'll probably show up early and leave before the big bands hit the stage. Then I can hear what's going on, grab a couple of hot dogs at Nathan's, and head back to the other end of Brooklyn and do something else. Anything else.

Better luck next year, Siren Fest.

*Yes, I was wearing a tightish, "cool" t-shirt, but I had cargo shorts on so I'm exempt.